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The Gift of Walking

Taylor 2“Hey look there is Dylan,” one of the nurses says as Dylan walks into the lobby. Dylan smiles as he sets down the soda tabs he has collected. He hosts a contest every couple months to gather as many tabs as he can to bring the kids. Lisa Buie, the new Public Relations Manager came around the corner and introduced herself. She has only been at the Shriner’s Hospital a couple months. “I had heard lots of great things about Dylan and how much he helps the hospital. Last week, I was able to meet him for the first time. He is a fine young man who loves to bring smiles to our kids’ faces. We appreciate the 30 pounds of soda tabs he brought with him. Those tabs really go a long way toward helping us continue our mission of providing expert orthopedic care to children regardless of families’ ability to pay.”

Dylan made his rounds through the hospital meeting kids. It is completely amazing that it doesn’t matter if he sees them in the therapy room or in the orthopedic fitting rooms, they are always smiling. These types of smiles are so contagious. I believe that is why Dylan is always smiling. He stores up all this joy he sees and it allows him to forever smile. In the therapy room he met, Taylor a little 5 year old that was working on reaching with her arms. As she placed each Disney princess in the castle she told Dylan that her favorite colors were green and yellow. She was quick to tell Dylan that she guessed his was red as she pointed to his firesuit.

Next stop was the wing that the kids are fitted with all types of orthopedic help. Katie Joy was so intrigued with Dylan’s helmet. As the nurse applied pads to the bottom of her cast so she could walk with them and not slip, Dylan and Katie Joy talked about going fast and his shiny helmet. As this little ball of sunshine climbed down the steps of the examining table, her mother looked at Dylan and said, “Thank you for making this fun.” It may just be for a moment but when Dylan visits with the kids, they forget they are in the hospital. Katie Joy then walks Dylan out of her room and down the hallway to leave. The greatest thing is, she is walking. Dylan smiles and tells her good bye. This is a good day.

Dylan is hosting another Soda Tab Contest that will end on July 28th. So keep collecting your Soda Tabs for these incredible kids.

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(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

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