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Camp Care A Lot

dylan_ccal_4Dylan had the privilege of visiting the kids at Camp Care A Lot hosted by The Shriners Hospitals for Children last week. The camp is for patients of The Shriner’s hospital ages 8-11. The campers were deep in their activities when Dylan arrived and they were happy to have been able to spend some time with a real race car driver. Although Dylan wasn’t able to take his Super Late Model to the camp due to the weather that day, the kids were still very interested in the car. They loved seeing Dylan’s Hero Card that had a picture of the car on it and they got to talk about the car a lot. One of the campers told Dylan to make sure the headlights were on when he was racing so he could see where he was going. Dylan got to explain to him the headlights are just stickers. It was fun to see these campers contemplate what that really meant. They were so surprised the headlights weren’t real and didn’t actually turn on.

Some of the kids' favorite activities during camp were swimming and eating watermelon. They all seemed to enjoy the swimming part tohelp them cool off from the Florida heat. Dylan was able to hand out pages from his custom coloring book for the campers to take home in their portfolios from the week’s activities. He was happy to be able to attend this year's camp as he always enjoys being able to hang out with the kids. The kids are such an inspiration to Dylan with their lively spirits and heartfelt thank you’s.

It was exciting for Dylan to see Leigh Dittman again. Leigh is a former patient at the Shriners Hospital, and she was giving back by being a counselor for the camp this year. Leigh has raised funds for the Shriners Hospital through her fundraising and being an advocate for the hospital.

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