July 30, 2015 Posted by  in News

Changes In The Garage

Halloween festWhile we bring this to you with mixed emotions, we feel that it’s best to share this information with all of you, our fans, sponsors and supporters. Dylan Martin Racing has needed to make some changes in the garage, so-to-speak. We have had to downsize our team and make some tough decisions. Kim Scheffler, Dylan’s Public Relations Manager, won’t be finishing out the season with us. We say “with mixed emotions” because while we have lost a great member of the team, we have to be excited to see what is ahead for her on her journey. Although, she continues to be a huge supporter and believer in Dylan, his talents and his path, she won’t be in the role of his Public Relations Manager moving forward. We have been so blessed to have her as a part of this team for the last 3 years. Kim has spent endless hours building a foundation for Dylan Martin Racing. The depth of passion and belief that she brought to this team is infectious and while she may not be in the garage with us, we know she will be cheering us on in all aspects of Dylan’s journey. With Kim’s expertise in the sport of racing and her years of building relationships, we are confident that God has her in His hands and she will flourish in all that she does. She has a love for this sport and an even bigger heart for the youth. Kim has always believed that racing is an avenue to reach youngsters and impact their lives through such a mesmerizing sport. We feel she will continue to touch lives in all she does, as she doesn’t do anything without putting her full heart and soul into it. Kim has been not only a Public Relations Manager for Dylan, but has been a mentor to him as well. We all know that God has all of us in His hands and we believe that there are huge things ahead for Kim Scheffler and for Dylan Martin Racing. We are so grateful for all that Kim poured into this team and we are confident that the seeds she planted will reap a harvest beyond any of our expectations. This has been an incredible journey over these last few years. Dylan has grown not only professionally, but personally as well. Kim provided a constant pillar for Dylan and she instilled a confidence in him he didn’t have before. We can’t thank Kim enough for ALL she did for this team and for Dylan. We want to wish Kim the very best (and better) in all that lies ahead for her.

Recently Dylan Martin Racing LLC was awarded the 2015 Best Of Lakeland, Sports Team category. We feel that this award is a huge representation of the dedication that Kim Scheffler has for the community, youth and local charities. This award was only possible through her tireless efforts and while we are sad not to have her in our garage, we will use this award to honor her and her amazing efforts to affect change in so many lives.

We, here at Dylan Martin Racing, are going to strive to maintain the excellence that Kim set forth and we will do all we can to keep you, our fans, sponsors and supporters, informed and involved in Dylan’s journey. We can’t do this without each of you. We ask that you hang in there with us through this transitional time and give us your continued support. Please pray that we will stay on the path that helps Dylan make an impact on the track and off the track. You may see communications from Dylan’s family as we move through this transition. Dylan’s sister and brother will be assisting with the public relations for Dylan, so keep an eye out for up-to-date news and activities from Brandon Martin and Ciara Martin.

Please take a moment to extend Kim Scheffler a HUGE Thank You for all she did for Dylan and Dylan Martin Racing. Kim, you will be greatly missed and we look forward to seeing you at the track doing what you do and continuing to impact lives as you impacted each of us during your time here at Dylan Martin Racing.

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