Donation CheckWe said we would get back to you with the final number for the total funds raised for the C.A.R.S. Racing For A Cause, Inc. kids. We are proud to announce that on Saturday, December 12th, Dylan Martin Racing presented a check to C.A.R.S. in the amount of $12,724.77. We are honored to have been a part of this amazing organization to help 3 precious families. The efforts of so many went into this record-high donation for Dylan Martin Racing. We are so thankful for each person and business that donated large and small. Everyone’s help added up to the largest donation that DMR has been able to give to C.A.R.S. It’s with great celebration that Rick Bristol with C.A.R.S. announced that C.A.R.S. will be presenting a check to each family in the amount of $11,121.20. For the last 10 years, this is Rick’s final year with C.A.R.S. and with that he was able to present the families with a record-high check. Thank you all for your support throughout this entire season. We are truly grateful for your passion to help touch the lives of Maci, Lucas and Skyla.

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