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Bump 'n Run on BlogTalkRadio

UntitledTune in tonight at 7pm on Bump n Run with Robyn Vandenberg on BlogTalkRadio. Dylan will be one of Robyn's guests talking about his recent ARCA testing at Daytona International Speedway and the upcoming 2016 season with Empire Racing Group and GRUMPYS INC.

Empire Racing Ready for Daytona


Read the article from SpeedwayDigest here.

Dedication and Determination Gets Dylan Martin to Daytona

Dylan Martin headshotNo one can explain why the race fuel smells sweeter and the horsepower feels stronger at a NASCAR track, but that is something every driver knows. When the lights come on at every local short track across the US, there isn’t one strapped-in driver that doesn’t dream about taking the green flag at Daytona International Speedway. Well folks, this weekend Dylan Martin, the young driver out of Lakeland, Florida, will get his chance. He has worked extremely hard for this incredible opportunity that is coming in the shape of a 700 Horsepower ARCA car. January 15th, Dylan will be testing in an ARCA car for Empire Racing LLC/Grumpy's Performance on the high banks of Daytona. The testing will allow him to race in the ARCA series this season with Empire Racing LLC/Grumpy's Performance. You heard me correctly, Dylan Martin will be competing in the ARCA series this season and that is just the beginning of some phenomenal news. So sit back, buckle up and hold on as you take a ride on Dylan’s journey from local short track racing to the world renowned Daytona International Speedway.

DSC_0009This little boy put a helmet on in May 2009 without ever knowing if he would get a chance to be on a NASCAR track. Dylan started racing Midgets around the age of 10. He had tried different sports but nothing felt quite right. Then it happened, he saved his money to buy a dirt bike. Here he felt at home, with speed came the adrenaline rush he was looking for but after a bad wreck it seemed his dream of going fast dwindled. But Dylan wasn’t giving up that easily. He convinced his parents that 4 wheels were safer than 2 and he soon found himself racing Midget cars all over the Southeast. With great success, he quickly jumped into a Pro Truck at the age of 13. This is when Dylan teamed up with Chad Pierce Motorsports. It didn’t take long before Dylan’s famous #7 found itself in victory lane. With Chad as his crew chief the move to Super Late Models was the next obvious step. Dylan realized very quickly in his racing career that the only way to find success was to surround himself with a hardworking knowledgeable team and that he did. Read more

Thank you from Dylan Martin Racing

Before we get into the announcements for next week and the happenings around the next step for Dylan Martin Racing, we want to take a moment and thank the people and sponsors that made all this possible.

We first want to thank Ambassador Racing, JR Garcia, Ray Garcia and the real boss Debi Garcia. They built the foundation of what Dylan has achieved to date. Dylan did not come from a racing family and the years we spent working with the Garcia's laid all the foundations of racing for us. All the time JR would shake his head and laugh when he asked for a tool and we only had one, or not at all. But made sure we had it on the list to have two for the next practice. We would encourage anyone wanting to get started in racing to hook up with Ambassador Racing School. Both Brandon and Dylan love going out to the Arrive and Drives every chance they get. So to JR, Ray and Debbie Thank you for all you have done.

Three odd years ago we had the pleasure of being introduced to Chad Pierce with Chad Pierce Motorsports. Talking about our vision between bowling at a fundraiser became the start of a three year relationship with Chad as our crew chief. All we could say for those years is WOW. From the very start with Chad, as a group we had one mission, to work Chad out of job. If everyone including Dylan did their job, we knew at some point Dylan would move beyond our group. Well as we sit here on the step of the door opening now, we at DMR can tell you without hesitation, without the teaching, coaching and support of Chad and his team, this would never be possible. Over the last few months as things were happening in the shop, Chad was always a voice of reason for us. His support for Dylan's future was never wavering. We recently had dinner with Chad and Nicole as the final decisions were being made knowing that meant Dylan would be leaving his stable, and the encouragement we got from them reinforced the family we had become. With all the wins, losses and crashes, the lifelong friendship with them is more important than anything we accomplished on the track. We wish Chad and Nicole a lifetime of success. And you can't thank them without talking about Butch and Barbara Pierce. We always loved when we were at the shop or track with Butch and Barbara, the days of standing on the wall next to Butch and we watched the boys do their thing will be surly missed by our family. The class this family has at the track has been second to none. For Chad, Mission accomplished, above and beyond. Read more

Happy New Year

127a5a25-52af-429e-86f9-bc4db5d5d6f8We want to take this time and thank all of our friends, families, supports and sponsors for their incredible support in the 2015 season. This season was full of all kinds of twists and turns and around every corner you all were there to support Dylan and the team. We are so excited about what is to come in 2016. Watch your Inbox for an email coming soon with exciting news. Happy New Year

Dylan was planning to race the Red Eye at New Smyrna Speedway on January 2nd, but the car is still in the works of being prepared for the 2016 season. We're sorry to be missing the race, but we are looking forward to being able to publish the 2016 schedule soon.

We are currently looking for sponsors for the 2016 season. The hood could be yours for 2016. If you would like to be on board for the upcoming season, please contact:

Brandon Martin

863-860-3091 or by email at