Thank you from Dylan Martin Racing

Before we get into the announcements for next week and the happenings around the next step for Dylan Martin Racing, we want to take a moment and thank the people and sponsors that made all this possible.

We first want to thank Ambassador Racing, JR Garcia, Ray Garcia and the real boss Debi Garcia. They built the foundation of what Dylan has achieved to date. Dylan did not come from a racing family and the years we spent working with the Garcia's laid all the foundations of racing for us. All the time JR would shake his head and laugh when he asked for a tool and we only had one, or not at all. But made sure we had it on the list to have two for the next practice. We would encourage anyone wanting to get started in racing to hook up with Ambassador Racing School. Both Brandon and Dylan love going out to the Arrive and Drives every chance they get. So to JR, Ray and Debbie Thank you for all you have done.

Three odd years ago we had the pleasure of being introduced to Chad Pierce with Chad Pierce Motorsports. Talking about our vision between bowling at a fundraiser became the start of a three year relationship with Chad as our crew chief. All we could say for those years is WOW. From the very start with Chad, as a group we had one mission, to work Chad out of job. If everyone including Dylan did their job, we knew at some point Dylan would move beyond our group. Well as we sit here on the step of the door opening now, we at DMR can tell you without hesitation, without the teaching, coaching and support of Chad and his team, this would never be possible. Over the last few months as things were happening in the shop, Chad was always a voice of reason for us. His support for Dylan's future was never wavering. We recently had dinner with Chad and Nicole as the final decisions were being made knowing that meant Dylan would be leaving his stable, and the encouragement we got from them reinforced the family we had become. With all the wins, losses and crashes, the lifelong friendship with them is more important than anything we accomplished on the track. We wish Chad and Nicole a lifetime of success. And you can't thank them without talking about Butch and Barbara Pierce. We always loved when we were at the shop or track with Butch and Barbara, the days of standing on the wall next to Butch and we watched the boys do their thing will be surly missed by our family. The class this family has at the track has been second to none. For Chad, Mission accomplished, above and beyond.

Kim Scheffler joined us three years ago as well, with the same mission as the team, she had the task of helping mold Dylan. This was more than just on track, she worked with him off the track and reinforced that being a good person and giving back is as rewarding as winning on the track. Kim was responsible to mold the image and run the track side activities, charities, appearances, radio interviews and that list can go on forever. She became so apart of our family, there were many times she was introduced by others as Dylan's Mom. And from a sense, she embraced him as such. She was the arteries that carried the blood for this race team. We would have never accomplished what this team did without Kim being right in the middle. A lifetime of "Thank You's" would not even come close to what she has did for this team. No matter where we are, she will always be recognized as a corner stone that not only built this driver, but molded a Man. Thank you would never seem to fit for you, it just wouldn't measure up to what you are to this team. We love you and are eternally grateful for you friendship, family and love.

THANK YOU To everyone that has worked on this team at one point or another, you have all put in such hard work.

Scott Ardrey, Chris Cullins, Hank Allen, Brandon Martin, Travis Roland, Mike Sweet, Mica Williams, Dave Culprit, Joey, Butch Pierce, Richie, Anthony Sergi, Jacob Paul and this list could go on forever.

To the track owners and employees, thank you for your tireless efforts to make local racing a sport with respect and dignity. The racing family, is just that, family. We play and have fun, we argue and disagree, and at the end of it all, we're all still a part of the racing family. We are blessed and treasure all of those relationships and thank everyone who works or volunteers at a local race track. It's because of each of you, that we can go out and do what we love every weekend.

To our family and friends. We have thrived off of your support and love. You have fueled us when things got rough and you cheered us on when it was flourishing. We can't thank you all enough for believing in us and Dylan and for all the prayers that went up on our behalf. Please keep those prayers coming!

To all of our sponsors, Thank you for making a path for us to be at the track doing what we love.

Donna Fellows (Fellows trucking), Visual Images, Smokin Jim's BBQ, Joe's Racing Products, K1 Racing Gear, Service on Site, Pro Care Automotive, Performance Distributors, Patio 850, Martin's Place, Click FX, BTX, Enlighten Digital, Roof Smith, Big Star Studios,, Buffalo Wild Wings, and all the family at Blackwater Integration

To the patients, students and staff of the organizations and schools that opened their doors for Dylan to come in and touch the lives of those young people, we want to thank you for trusting in Dylan and allowing him the opportunity to help make a difference in their lives. C.A.R.S. Racing For A Cause, Sunshine Foundation, Shriner's Hospital For Children - Tampa, Anchor House Ministries, St. Joseph's Children Hospital, Davenport Fights Back, Teens Against Distracted Driving, Polk City Elementary, Combee Elementary, Lakeland Highlands Middle School, Blake Academy

As we try to acknowledge and thank everyone that played a part in the development of Dylan and his racing career, we will, no doubly miss several. We know that is has taken hundreds to make this machine run and we are truly blessed for all that have poured themselves into Dylan as a driver and a young man. Thank you for believing in Dylan.

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