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March 25, 2015 Posted by rboost in News

Big Star is Back

Big Star Studios press release  15-page-001
March 23, 2015 Posted by rboost in News

Crash 'em up - Late Model Style

Desoto3-14 471Well take a good long look at this car because it certainly does not look like that anymore. Dylan and his crew had put some serious laps on this car testing over 300 laps in his new super late model. He got some seat time at Auburndale Speedway, New Smyrna Speedway and then a night at Desoto. Chad Pierce, the crew chief, had dotted his i’s and crossed his t’s. Dylan had been fighting with the bump in turn 3 at Desoto Speedway. Every time he hit it, it would really upset the car. After some fine tuning by the crew, the car was ready for its first race. Seeing the new color scheme and look was exciting.

The cars took to the track to qualify. They get a few warm up laps before heading to the infield to line up for qualifying. Dylan would be first to hit the track. It was still 78 degress out and the track was slick. When it was all said and done, Dylan qualified 11th out of a field of 15. Not bad for his first time. He was about three tenths off fast time. The crew chief and owner talked to Dylan and it was decided to scratch. This would put Dylan in the rear for the start of the race. It gives him time to work on his line, to get a feel for this track and to start to learn the other drivers’ driving styles. With qualifying over, the crew sits down for some great Bar-B-Q supplied by Dylan’s new sponsor, Smokin’ Jim’s House of Bar-B-Q. It was a quick dinner though, the power steering hose had to be replaced. As Dylan pulled into the pits after qualifying, he told the crew that the car wasn’t turning. They got on it quickly and got it fixed.

The team gathers together for a prayer before Dylan gets strapped in for his race. He gets the hi-fives and the thumbs up from the crew as he pulls down pit road. It is time to go to work. He reaches down one last time to tighten his belts, he drops his shield and grabs the shifter. The green flag dropped and the battle begins. On lap 2, Dylan passed the #75 on the outside in turn 1. The next lap he set up the 128 car for the pass. It takes Dylan a couple laps to run down the #21 car. Once he gets to his rear bumper it takes only seconds for Dylan to pass him on the inside going into turn 1. He is now running in 12th position. Lap 8, Chad tells Dylan his corner entry is great and to keep hitting his marks. As the race goes green for a while, he just works on his line.

Lap 27, first caution of the race and it is for Dylan. He spun out in turn 4. He is still learning how to adjust to the bump going into turn 3. With no damage to the car, he lines back up 11th. The #128 runs him hard on the outside for a couple laps before Dylan settles in at 11th. The cars go for another long green flag run before the caution drops on lap 44. He restarts 11th and gets the #07x on the inside. The next lap sees another caution. Lap 46, Dylan will restart 9th. He gets the jump on the #4 super late and passes him on the inside to take 8th place.

It takes Dylan about 10 laps to run down the #13 car. He is working on the rear bumper of him when the yellow flag drops for the #30 who was stuffed into the turn 3 wall. The #07 was black flagged and after the red flag was lifted for some track side activity, Dylan would be in 6th. Well, when they say cautions breed cautions, they are correct. Only a few laps later and the two leaders take each other out. Dylan does some brilliant foot-hand-throttle driving to get through it. As the leaders spin in turn 1 & 2, Dylan navigates high then low to get through it.

Lap 61, Dylan restarts 7th. The field does not get a lap in before another caution flag is thrown again. This time Dylan will restart 3rd. The drivers seem to be using their cars to drive and not their talent. It is definitely a “wrecker or checker” kind of race. It takes numerous laps to get the field to line up correctly. In fact, Dylan finds himself being sandwiched going through 1 & 2 getting lined back up and he is pushed up into the #13 who then spins and has to go to the pits for a tire. Dylan restarts 3rd but the #07x car gets him on the outside.

When the next caution drops on Lap 64, Dylan is running 4th. He has been doing a great job of driving hard but being patient. So the green drops and Dylan is running 4th but the caution flies immediately for the leader jumping the restart. The flagman lines them back up, Dylan is 4th again. This time the leader, #51 has some issues with the restart and as he drives into turn 1, he finds himself 3 wide with the #07x and Dylan’s car and his car turns right which gathers up the #07x car which unfortunately takes out Dylan’s car. With nowhere to go, he hits turn 1 wall. Caution flag AGAIN on lap 64. Dylan drops his window net to alert the track officials he is ok. He gets out of his car to look over the damage. He tries to drive it in but the car is hurt and he barely makes it to the infield. This would end the night for Dylan and his #7 beast.

IMG_1052The next 11 laps would consist of 4 more cautions. In fact with 2 laps to go the leaders take each other out in a field of 6. It was a very active night for the fans to watch but all that action costs a lot of time and money for the drivers. The crew waits in the pits for the infield wrecker to haul Dylan’s car to the pit stall. It has quite a bit of frontend suspension damage. The body has some cosmetic damage but all in all, Dylan is safe and his crew will get it fixed for the next race. This is not the finish anyone wanted to see but that folks is racing.

As Chad looks over the car, he shakes his head and states, “I don’t even know what to say. I’m speechless. I still don’t believe what happened.”

Thank goodness one of Dylan’s sponsors is Joes Racing Products, he sure is going to need some parts. A special thanks to all the returning sponsors and supporters of DMR. We also welcome some new ones aboard.

Dylan’s next race is March 28th at Auburndale Speedway. It is the 100 lap race that was rained out last month. Hope to see you there! To stay updated with all of Dylan’s events and races go to

(Photos Speedracer & Ciara Martin ---Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

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Giving Fuels His Heart

20150310_104143A young boy was sitting at a table coloring in the lobby of the Shriners Hospital when Dylan walked in. This smiling spirit jumped right up and said, “I know you, you are Dylan the racecar driver.” His mother then added, “Yes Rylle, you met him after your surgery at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital last year.” She asked Dylan how his racing was going and thanked him again for caring about these young kids dealing with difficult times. You can see by the smile on Dylan’s face that knowing he was a good memory for these kids while they are in the hospital is extremely gratifying.

After taking a picture with Rylle and a few other boys, Dylan went to the front desk to turn in over 40 pounds of soda tabs he had collected through his last contest. It is wonderful to see the community get active in collecting soda tabs for kids they will never meet. Dylan sees every time he enters the doors of the Shriners how those tabs make a difference in the lives of these kids. They always have crafts to do and a variety of gifts to choose from.

Julia, was the cutest little four year old. She was very shy acting at first when Dylan walked into her room. Her mother said, “Julia is only shy when she thinks someone is cute.” Dylan grinned. His heart grows every time he visits these kids but I believe so does his smile.

Dylan then went to the wing of the hospital where the doctors fit the kids for braces and wheelchairs. Elijah, an eight year old boy from Tampa couldn’t stop smiling when Dylan walked into his room. He was so excited to meet a racecar driver. These two hit it off from the start. By the end of the conversation, Dylan had invited Elijah to come hang out at a race and be his honorary crew chief for the night. This kid’s grin was thanks enough.

The last visit of the day was to see a young girl that had just had surgery the day before. Gracie and Dylan had lots to talk about as they both enjoy riding dirt bikes. She is looking forward to getting back out there and riding. Dylan told Gracie that when she gets back on her dirt bike to send him a picture of her riding. It is amazing to see the determination in these kids.

Dylan is hosting another Soda Tab Contest that will end on May 12th. So keep collecting your Soda Tabs for these incredible kids.

For more information on the Shriners go to

To read about other visits Dylan has made to the Shriners go to

(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

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Performance Distributors

Performance DIstrib press release  15-page-001
March 17, 2015 Posted by rboost in News

Lets Help the Kids

1Let me introduce this little ball of sunshine to you, her name is Maci. She is 14 months old and is one of the 3 kids that C.A.R.S. Racing For A Cause is helping this year. Maci has already had 3 open heart surgeries due to being born with pulmonary atresia. Dylan is working hard to raise $10,000 for these kids this year. He has set up an online account to make it easy for you to give. The money goes straight to the foundation. Here is the link:

Dylan Martin Racing supports these kids. Dylan has been able to raise $742 to help these kids. We hope to see you at his next fundraiser on April 8th at Smokin' Jim's but if you can't make it and you still want to give.....just click that link and bring some smiles to three very deserving kids.

Thank you from Dylan and everyone here at DMR.

March 17, 2015 Posted by rboost in News

Meet Dylan

March 17, 2015 Posted by rboost in News


1The January 28 thru March 4th SODA TAB CONTEST winner was Ed Long! He brought in almost 30 pounds of tabs. The total Dylan turned in this week to the Shriners Hospitals for Children - Tampa was just over 40 pounds. Ed has won before and asked that we give his Dylan Martin t-shirt to Miss Skyla! So Skyla, one of the three children that CARS Racing For A Cause is helping this year will get her very own Dylan t-shirt.

TODAY starts the next SODA TAB CONTEST. It will end on May 12th. The person to bring in the most tabs will win the choice of any DMR item they want....t-shirt, hat, or bag! Good luck and keep collecting the tabs. Thank you all!

Dylan is hosting another contest. Collect as many Soda Tabs as you can between March 12th and May 12th. Get them to Dylan by the end date of May 12th (2940 Drane Field Rd., Lakeland, FL 33811). The person turning in the most (by weight) will win a prize. These tabs are turned in to the Shriner Hospital which then turns them into money for the kids arts and crafts supplies. Help us help the kids!! Thanks for collecting Soda Tabs.

March 12, 2015 Posted by rboost in News

Bar-B-Q and Smiles

20150304_183817Terrie, Skyla’s grandmother, is usually the one hosting a benefit for cancer. This past Wednesday night was different for her though, she was able to sit back, enjoy some great food and music, and spend some time with her precious granddaughter. With gratitude she stated, “We REALLY appreciate Dylan, Kim and the CARS foundation for their support, compassion and all they are doing for us and for the CARS Kids and our community. Most of all thank you for your caring hearts. We are so grateful for your tireless giving of yourself for the kids. You are all a blessing to so many.”

Dylan was there to greet everyone that came out to support this great cause. A special thanks to The Nathan Baldwin Band with Joey Foley for entertaining the crowd for a couple hours with some home grown Southern music. Local businesses helped in supplying gifts to be raffled off. When the night ended and the gifts were given out, the band sang their last song and Smokin Jim’s delivered their last ribs, the money was counted and with everyone’s kind heart and loving spirit, $742 was raised for the kids.

It was a great night! Skyla and Maci were able to join us for the fun. Lucas unfortunately was not able to be there but we hope to see him at the next one. So grab a pen and mark your calendars, the next one will be April 8th, Wednesday. Dylan will have some great gifts to raffle off, The Nathan Baldwin Band will be there again and of course some of the best Bar-B-Q in the area. Hope to see you there.

Skyla, Maci, Lucas and Dylan thank you all for your time and effort given! THANK YOU!

For more information go to

(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)



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Welcome to the Team

Smokin  Jim s press release  15-page-001
March 4, 2015 Posted by rboost in News

Welcome Back BWW

Buffalo Wild Wings press release  15-page-001