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Thank you Speedway Illustrated

Jan 2015 issue page 80 corrected name-page-001We want to thank the National magazine Speedway Illustrated for correcting Dylan's last name in this great article they published last month. Dylan is "Driven" even more now with the last of the details of the Super Late Model being gone through. He will soon hit the track with it

Time is almost up

Soda tab SAVE -2Soda Tab Contest ends March 4th. So keep SAVING your soda tabs for the children at the Shriners Hospitals for Children - Tampa. The winner will get a choice of a signed 8x10 of Dylan's new Super Late Model, a DMR T-Shirt or a DMR Crew Hat! Mark your calendars to get them to us by March 4th!! Thanks for helping the kids at the Shriners Hospital!

Riding in Style

20150208_171230A gracious new partner in DMR has sponsored Dylan and his team an RV. This is a great way to start a season. The team is beyond appreciative of this incredible sponsorship. It will be nice when the kids of CARS Racing For A Cause come to watch Dylan, they will have a comfortable place to relax before race time. A huge thank you is going out to our new partner.

Help Dylan by Watching

1You can help Dylan win a $50,000 sponsorship. Please take 2 minutes to watch his video and then vote for him. Dylan is 53rd out of 145 drivers for most viewed. Help him move up the chart. Vote and then watch his video 5x today. Let’s get him moved up the charts. Thank you all for your time and for believing in Dylan. Have a wonderful weekend but please do not forget to vote and watch EVERYDAY!!!!


Nathaly, Anchor for Cougar Tube from Combee Elementary School interviews Dylan


Dylan Makes Speedway Illustrated

Speedway Ill Jan2015-2Dylan Martin, not Dylan Smith makes the January 2015 issue of the Dick Berggren’s Speedway Illustrated Magazine. It is a great photo and article about his Pro Truck race at Desoto Speedway. J.A. Ackley who wrote the article said that the February issue will have a correction in it with Dylan’s correct last name. But we all know when we see that 7 on a black truck that it is no other than the Dylan Martin out of Lakeland, Florida.

A huge thank you to J.A. Ackley and Speedway Illustrated for following Dylan’s journey.


Champion Search for a Champion

43Dylan needs your help. He is trying to win a sponsorship from Champion Spark Plugs. 1/3 rd of the contest is about who receives the most online votes. You can vote only once a day. You will have to register the first time but after that it will only take a few seconds. So please set your phone to remind you every day until Feb 3rd. to vote for Dylan. Your time can make a difference in his journey. Help Dylan win this contest, he is proving everyday on and off the track ...he is a true CHAMPION! Please also take a minute to share this on your timeline and even email to your friends or co-workers. Let's help put Dylan in Victory Circle!



“Giving, the Greatest Gift of All”

20141217_140344It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving. - Mother Teresa

There are many quotes by numerous people over the years about giving. They all talk about the gift in giving, helping is receiving and the greatest gift of all is time. This is what Dylan gets every time he walks through the front doors at the Shriners Hospital. He always has unique things to give the kids. Everything from coloring books, racing stickers to candy. But what he receives is far greater than anything he has ever given. The smile and immense gratitude shown in each little face is the reward he gets. The parents, nurses and doctors that continually thank him for taking the time to visit. Everyone is always so thankful but Dylan is the one that is thankful. He leaves those kids every time with a greater appreciation for the opportunities he has been given in life.

“I always have a blast and it is great to spend time to get to know the kids and to tell them about myself too,” Dylan Martin stated.

(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

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Happy New Year

happy new year wallpaper 2015Dylan and everyone at DMR want to wish you and your families a HAPPY 2015! To all our sponsors, partners and fans, thank you for making this past year great. Dylan’s success was due to the hard work of a loyal team and the sponsors that believe in him. We are eager to see what the new year has in store for the team! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Missing Half the Body, Dylan Still Pulls Off a 3rd Place Finish

JJP_3151.psd c

The air was cold but there was heat rolling off the track surface as Dylan drove the Z car onto Auburndale Speedway for the 100 lap Sportsman race. He was behind the wheel of Kevin Ingram’s famous Z Car. Dylan proved he was serious about putting this car in victory lane by qualifying on the pole. With the drivers all pulling numbers where they would start for the race, Dylan would be starting 4th in the Fellows Trucking Group Curing Cancer Charity Challenge Cast Off Fishing Tournament Sportsman.

As the green flag dropped on the field, Dylan was up on the wheel. He was determined to get this car to the front. On lap 5, the #69 spun the leader out and both were sent to the rear. This put Dylan in 2nd on the restart. A couple laps later the #56 was able to get around Dylan to take 2nd. A lap later the #91 worked his way around Dylan to put him in 4th. The entire field ran numerous laps in single file until lap 32 when the caution flag dropped for Dylan. He got spun in the turn and had to go to the pits due to extreme damage to the car. But it didn’t take long for the crew to rip off the rest of the right side of the body so Dylan could get back on the track.

Dylan would be in 10th now as the race restarted. There would be no holding the Z Car back now. Within 2 laps Dylan passed the #48 to take 9th spot. Just a couple laps later he took 8th spot from the #8 sportsman. By lap 50, Dylan had passed two more cars to be in 6th. The #69 car pulled into the infield which moved Dylan up to 5th. Still driving on a mission to get to the front, he was able to maneuver his car around the #199 on lap 53. The #29 fell prey to Dylan on lap 66 as he took over 3rd. The field strung out in single file again did not see another caution flag until lap 81 when the #29 spun Dylan out.

Dylan going back to the rear again, found himself in 6th. Before the field could get in a lap, the #199 and #8 spun out in turn 1 &2. Dylan would be restarting in 5th. You know the saying that cautions breed cautions, well that is very true. Because on the next restart, the #29 and #77 would get into each other in turn 1 & 2 for the last caution of the night. Dylan in the Fellows Trucking Group Curing Cancer Charity Challenge Cast Off Fishing Tournament Sportsman restarts in 5th.

With only 10 laps to go, Dylan pushed himself back into the seat, gripped the wheel tight and took a deep breath. When that final green flag dropped, Dylan was determined to get the Z Car back to the front. The next lap, Dylan takes 4th place from the #8. He then ran the #199 back down and passes him to take 3rd. With only a few laps left he tries to get around the #77 but needed a few more laps to make it happen. So after being wrecked out then spun out and missing the entire right side of the car, Dylan finishes in a very hard earned 3rd place.

Dylan looks a bit frustrated in tech because he knew he had the car to beat but he smiles knowing that regardless of his finish he knows this was all for Jayden, Emily and Logan. Jayden finds Dylan after the race and gives him a high five. He is all smiles, his buddy Dylan drove a great race. Kevin, the owner and crew chief is all smiles too. Even though half the body was missing, the car and the driver had made a statement. Thanks to Kevin Ingram for not only building a rocket but giving Dylan the chance to pilot it.

In remembering that this entire weekend is to raise money for three special kids facing and struggling with severe illnesses, Dylan smiles. He himself has personally raised almost $3,500 for the kids this year. This cause has become very dear to Dylan. He does numerous fundraisers throughout the year to help gather money for the cause. In the past 3 years, Dylan has raised over $15,000 to help the kids of C.A.R.S. Racing For A Cause.

As the final race of 2014, Dylan wants to give a very special thank you to Donna Fellows and Fellows Trucking Group and their foundations, Curing Cancer Charity Cast Off Fishing Tournament, Curing Cancer Charity Challenge Golf Tournament and . It is only with their help and support that Dylan and his team were as successful as they were. Thank you for believing in his journey.

(Photos by Jim Jones Photo’s & Kim Scheffler -- Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)