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Cold Weather, But Warm Hearts

The weather could not keep the caring people of Polk County away from helping to raise money for Jayden, Emily and Logan. As the people started showing up and the Bar-B-Q was being eaten, there was nothing but smiles in every direction. Dylan can’t thank Jim and all the employees enough at Smokin Jim’s for being a huge part in reaching the goal of $500. Yes folks, you heard me right, $500 was the total raised from the 3 events held there benefiting C.A.R.S. Racing For A Cause.

With an extra special visit from Jayden and his family, the night was a total success. What a delight to see how excited Jayden is getting about his service dog being almost done with training. But of course no event here would be complete without the musical entertainment of Joey Foley and Adam Wilson. These guys have no problem getting the feet tappin’ and the hands clappin’.

At the end of the evening, Joey was all smiles when he was overheard talking to Dylan. “I was honored when you asked me to be a part of these events. It is truly a privilege to help bring the community together for such a wonderful cause. It is astonishing to me to see the local support you have Dylan. Keep up the countless effort you give to the kids.”

(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)


Z Car Fun

Hot off the press, Dylan Martin will be driving Central Florida’s famous Z Car this weekend in the Joey Coulter 200 Charity Race Weekend. This car was built by local renown crew chief and driver, Kevin Ingram. Kevin comes from years of experience from behind the wheel himself to crewing for NASCAR Camping World Driver, Chris Fontaine. “I’m anxious to see how Dylan Martin wheels the “Z Car” this Saturday night at Auburndale Speedway. He has free reign to drive the car as he sees fit. I want him up on the wheel and driving it like it owes him money! Watching Dylan drive it to the front will make for an exciting race for the fans. Plus my crew and I are looking forward to being involved with an event that is all about helping children,” stated Kevin Ingram.

Dylan is thrilled to be driving in the first ever Joey Coulter Sportsman 100. Last year Dylan was the hot shoe of the 100 lap Truck race. He sat fast time during qualifying and finished second behind NASCAR driver Joey Coulter. Dylan knows and loves this track. As Dylan steps away from the Pro Trucks this next season and into a Super Late Model, this weekend will be a great assistance in the transition.

Dylan will be qualifying the Z Car at 7pm on Friday. Saturday, he will be signing autographs at 5:15pm and then the Sportsman race will follow the intermission after the truck race. Be sure to bring the family out to watch some great racing but more importantly help raise money for three wonderful kids. See you at the track!

(Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)


Kids Get Schooled by Dylan

It is truly an honor when Dylan gets a chance to visit a school and speak to over 500 children in one morning. Let’s let the students and teachers tell you about Dylan’s visit…

This is a statement from 5th grade teacher Brett Wiersema, “It was great to see Dylan Martin at the Polk City Elementary Great American Teach In this year. The children always love to see him, and are very excited to learn that young people can make a big difference in this world. He inspires the children to work hard in their schooling by explaining how he uses math and science every time he burns rubber on the racetrack. Dylan also helps the children understand that if you work hard at what you love, then the sky (or racetrack J) is the limit. I sincerely hope that Dylan will continue to help the students at Polk City Elementary race after their dreams.”

This is from teacher Tara Dallaire, “My Fifth grade students really enjoyed learning about all aspects of Dylan and his love for racing. They were able to learn about the safety of racing, the reasons for his switch from dirt bike racing to current racing of trucks and how education plays a role in how he races. Many were surprised to know that learning about math and science is important in such a fun sport.”

These comments came from a group of Kindergarten students: “He was cool”; “his race car was real cool”; “I like the stickers on his trailer”; “That was awesome when he came here with his race car, his race suit and the green monster on this trailer had lots of hair".

And in closing the lady who organizes this incredible function every year, Johanna Cobb, she had this to say, “It is always exciting to watch the looks on the student’s faces when we have The Great American Teach In with all of the different careers represented. It is especially delightful to see how thrilled they get when they see Dylan and his race car. He is such an inspiration to kids with everything he has accomplished through his hard work and dedication while still keeping up with his education and school work. I truly hope Dylan will be able to return to Polk City Elementary School for many years to come as the kids and staff absolutely love him.” Johanna has definitely spoiled Dylan. He always has his own basket of honey buns to eat. Dylan has already marked on his calendar for next year to return to see the students at Polk City Elementary. Looks like this has become an annual event for him.

(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)


Great Food, Good Music

What an incredible sight to see the community pull together when there are kids that need help. It is nice to have local businesses, people and entertainers join forces to make sure that three very special children will have a magnificent Christmas. When the people are lined up outside waiting to be seated, you know the food and fellowship is good. Dylan can’t thank everyone enough for taking the time out of their busy schedules to stop by and help the cause. A special thanks to Joey Foley and Adam Wilson for stopping by and putting on a real foot tapping, knee slapping country jam session for the folks. You can’t ask for much more than music, Bar-B-Q and warm camaraderie. The night raised $135 for the kids of C.A.R.S. Racing For A Cause. Samuel Wagner from Smokin’ Jim’s was grateful and had these kind words to say, “We are humbled and greatly appreciative that Dylan chooses to partner with Smokin’ Jim’s. The special love he has for suffering children reflects in the support shown from his fans.”

Education in the Fast Lane

It may have been cold outside but it did not stop the kids of Combee Elementary from coming outside to see their favorite racecar driver, Dylan Martin. Dylan’s warm spirit and passion for driving fast heated the kids and teachers right up. He discussed how he uses the very math and science they are learning today in school to be able to win races in his Pro Truck. The younger students were amazed that the racing seat that Dylan straps in looks just like the one they have to buckle in. Safety is a top priority for Dylan and he explained to them all the gear he must wear to protect himself while he races. The students even interviewed him for their daily news. Lori Bargeron, Interventionist at Combee Elementary School had this to say about their event, “Great American Teach-In was a great success! We would like to thank you Dylan for sharing your experiences. The children always enjoy learning about job opportunities and life lessons. They really seemed to make a connection with you. The children continued to discuss your visit, well after you left. Undoubtedly, your time has made a difference. As the proverb goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Therefore, we want to thank you again for being part of our village. Looking forward to seeing you next year.” (Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

Dylan Finishes Third in Points

Race #15 of the Joey Coulter’s-Fellows Truck Brokers Florida Pro Truck Series Wow what a race! Wow what a season! The final race of the Joey Coulter’s-Fellow Truck Brokers Series was a 75 lap race that brought in 21 trucks to compete. Dylan’s crew was ready. His family and friends all there to see how the final race would turn out. Dylan had missed the first two races of the season which obviously played a big part in the final points. Had he not missed them he would be without a doubt either winning the points or in a tight battle for the spot. Chad Pierce, the crew chief had worked hard to get the #7 Fellows Trucking Group Curing Cancer Charity Challenge Pro Truck of Dylan’s ready for the finale. The last race at Showtime had definitely left its mark on it. But you wouldn’t have known it by the way it ran in practice. The truck was looking pretty good on the track. By the final practice, Dylan was happy with the way it felt. He was ready for qualifying. Chad said, “Patience is the key when racing longer races. It’s more like playing chess, using pawns, saving everything you possibly can until the right moment.” This was the plan for the nights race. The sun was just going down over turn 1 wall when the Pro Trucks took to the infield to get lined up to qualify. Dylan hit the track 12th. As he pulled up to the track, he lowered his visor, took a deep breath and pulled onto the track. It was all up to him now. It was time to show what this “Black Beauty” can do. He used the whole track to gain as much speed as he could. Dylan is known for scrapping the wall when he comes out of the turn, he did not want to leave anything on the track. He without a doubt used it all as the concrete dust flew on the front stretch wall. Dylan laid down his fastest time ever at this track, a 16.131 second lap. This would make him 3rd fastest, only 0.034 seconds off pole. The cooler weather played a huge part in the fast qualifying laps that were ran. The track put on a special autograph session for everyone. A trick or treat extravaganza for the kids. Over 60 racecars lined up on the front stretch for the kids to see. They gathered candy and hero cards. Dylan doing what he does best, was there handing out coloring sheets, hero cards and of course lots of candy. It is a great time to meet some of the local fans and tell them thanks for coming out and supporting short track racing. It was after 11pm when the trucks got lined up for their 75 lap race. The air was cool but there was serious heat developing on the track. This wasn’t just another race, a championship was on the line for two trucks. Dylan was starting 7th after the inversion of 9 was done. Chad came across the radio, “Okay buddy, be smooth and patient, one to go”. The next lap the track went green. Dylan was up on the wheel of his #7 Fellows Trucking Group Curing Cancer Charity Challenge Pro Truck which was obvious when within the first lap he had taken two positions (passing the #59 and the #09). Lap 2, caution flag for the #37 spinning. Dylan restarts 5th. He gets by the #28 on the inside to take 4th spot. By lap 9 the #41 was all over Dylan’s rear bumper. Two laps later #41 gets by the #7. Then a couple laps later the #37 gets Dylan’s spot, pushing Dylan back to 6th. The field is racing single file now for a few laps until the caution drops on lap 19. #50 goes to the pits. Dylan restarts 5th. The #7 gets a great restart and is all over the #37 rear bumper. The trucks then get spaced out a little. Dylan laps the #2 truck on lap 32. He is running a smart race. Being patient and saving his tires. Lap 33 he is two truck lengths in front of 6th place. A couple laps later he laps the #5 and #2X truck. Lap 40 caution out for the leader spinning. Lap 43, Dylan is restarting 4th. A lap later the field is single file. Dylan’s truck is handling great. He is all over the #64 truck. He spends the next couple laps trying everything to get around him. He tries swinging it high and then crossing over, that didn’t work. He tries the inside and the outside, nope not working. Lap 51, caution drops for the #21 spinning out on the front stretch. Lap 53, the #7 will take the green in 4th. He runs side by side with #64 for a couple laps. Dylan has his truck hooked up running that outside groove. The next lap he takes 3rd by a fender as they cross the start/finish line. Dylan keeps digging on the outside and next lap he has the #64 truck by a door. It takes two more laps of Dylan driving his truck hard to completely make the pass for 3rd. By lap 62, he has three truck lengths on the #64 truck and steadily gaining on the 2nd place truck. He laps the 2X truck again. Caution flag on lap 64 for the #21 spinning again. Lap 67 the top three trucks take off. These trucks are driving away from the rest of the field until the caution drops on lap 68. The #36 truck has stopped on the back stretch. Lap 68, they restart and Dylan is still 3rd. Chad reminds him, “cautions breed cautions, be careful”. Well, he was right because they don’t get another lap in when the yellow drops again for the #12 up in the wall. Chad tells him, “Double up and be ready”. So lap 68 the field of 14 trucks restarts again. The first two trucks get into each other going into turn one, Dylan shoots low trying to miss it. NOPE, he gets hit by the #41. Dylan radios in and says he can’t turn the truck. The nose has been knocked off, fenders ripped off and no steering. The crew runs to meet the #7 Fellows Trucking Group Curing Cancer Charity Challenge Pro Truck as it limps into the pits. They quickly see that the power steering pump belt was knocked off. They get it back on leaving the hood off, Dylan reenters the track. Lap 68, he restarts 8th. After going green, he passes the #3 truck on the outside. But the track goes yellow once again on lap 71 when the #09 spins. Dylan is complaining about fluid on his windshield. He restarts 7th with only 10 trucks left on the track. His beaten and battered truck shows signs of something wrong as soon as they go green again. He radios to Chad he has a tire going down. With only a few laps left, he hobbles his truck around for a couple more laps. Dylan will finish the race 8th. The truck was beaten up and the crew was upset about the finish but the pride and accomplishment from everyone was definitely apparent. Chad had these closing remarks about the season, he quoted, “It’s hard for a driver to get the right mind set for a season when you start 2 races behind. It’s not about running steady as much as it is going for the max points every race. Setting fast time, leading the most laps and winning races. Dylan made up the biggest points gap that I have ever seen. Keeping his head in the game and not being discouraged.” Everyone at DMR want to thank everyone from sponsors to fans and of course family that have helped, supported or encouraged this team onto a great season. Taking 3rd in the championship points was a great accomplishment and nowhere near possible without this incredible team. Thanks to all for believing in Dylan’s journey. (Photos by Ciara Martin, Robert Howell -- Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

Trick or Treat Auburndale Style

Joy Pruitt with the Auburndale Chamber of Commerce was thrilled with this year’s turnout. She stated, “The AUBURNDALE Halloween Harvest festival that was held on Tuesday, October 28th in downtown AUBURNDALE was a huge success! Dylan Martin Racing was a huge part of the success! What an awesome display and professionalism! Young and old alike were thrilled to see Dylan!” This was Dylan’s third year in a row that he has been a part of this festival that gathers thousands of kids together. Dylan got a chance to see little tikes begging for food to princesses. It is always a pleasure to be involved with a small town community function that all ages participate in. It isn’t just the kids that go all out with their outfits, the adults are right there putting together fascinating costumes too. For nearly two and half hours Dylan was steadily busy meeting trick or treater’s of all ages. Over 1200 coloring sheets were handed out, over 60 pounds of candy and thousands of smiles. It was a fun filled night for everyone! Dylan can’t wait for next year’s event to see what great costumes the kids show up in. (Photos by Ciara Martin & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

Beat, Battled and Scarred

With only two races left in the season and the points are tight, you can certainly expect no driver to leave anything on the track. These Pro Trucks drivers were definitely driving with everything they had and then some. With $1,000 to win that night and a Joey Coulter Pro Truck Championship on the line, they drove every lap hard and intense. Dylan had not raced on this track for two years. He was determined to tame the beast everyone calls “Showtime”. This track has a tendency to leave its mark on everyone that enters. And that it did to the #7 Fellows Trucking Group Curing Cancer Charity Challenge Pro Truck of Dylan’s. After numerous practice laps and changes from Chad Pierce, the crew chief, the truck was looking pretty fast on the ¼ mile bull ring. There were 14 trucks to qualify and Dylan was almost last to go out. He laid down a fast lap of 14.996 seconds. This was the fastest he had ran at this track. It was an accomplishment for him and his crew chief but unfortunately it would put him 4th fastest. Pole was set at a 14.844. Dylan was close but not quite there. After the inversion, Dylan and his pink #7 displaying many pink ribbons in honor of all those that have battled cancer or have a loved one that have, he took to the track lined up in 2nd, outside pole for the start of the 50 lap Pro Truck race. It was 10:20pm when the green flag dropped. Dylan got a great start and by the backstretch he had the lead. The first couple laps he ran qualifying times, he was quick. By lap 7, he had pulled a truck length lead on #41 who was running 2nd. Chad said, “Looking good kid, just keep hitting your marks”. Lap 14, Dylan ran up on the back of the field. He lapped the #88 on the backstretch and then the next lap passed the #51 in turn 1 & 2. The truck was going through the corners smooth. By lap 21 Dylan had even gained a little more space between him and the 2nd place truck. The race is still caution free and come lap 25, Dylan lapped the #3 truck on the front stretch. A few laps later the #41 starts gaining momentum on the #7 Fellows Trucking Group Curing Cancer Charity Challenge Pro Truck. By lap 31 he is all over Dylan’s rear bumper. The next lap going into the turn the #41 tries the bump and pass, but it fails. The #41 hits Dylan hard going into the turn and sends Dylan completely sideways, but that dirt experience Dylan has now comes into play and Dylan stays in the throttle and drives his #7 right out of the slide. The crowd goes crazy. Lap 37, Dylan is still leading this field with the #41 all over his rear bumper. The tires took too much abuse when Dylan got hit sideways and the truck just isn’t sticking in the corners like before. The tires have gone away and Dylan has his hands full. The next lap the #41 gets him on the inside coming out of 4 and the #84 is right there to follow. With some hard racing going on the #84 and Dylan tag each other on the front stretch and Dylan gets the worst of it. The caution comes out and what is left of Dylan’s left front fender is flopping in the wind. But he isn’t coming in. He is determined to still make a run for it. Lap 38, the field goes back green with Dylan in 3rd. In the next couple laps the field is side by side and everyone fighting for that $1,000. With everyone fighting for position, the #84 takes the lead and the #59 gets by Dylan. Dylan is now running 4th. Lap 44, the #7 is able to get by the #59 to take 3rd spot. Chad comes across the radio and reminds Dylan to use the whole track. The top of the field runs this way until the checkered flag drops. Not the finish Dylan was hoping for but after the battle the truck and his tires went through, 3rd isn’t bad at all. Dylan was all smiles when he climbed out of his truck that proudly displayed a large pink number 7 and pink ribbons. He wasn’t first but after he walked around his truck he was happy he was able to pull off a 3rd place finish. Dylan loves racing but to him it is so much more than just going fast and turning left. He races with a much greater purpose. The fans in the stands know that, the kids as he walks through the grandstands and signs hero cards, they know that and his loyal sponsors that help keep him in the driver’s seat know that. Dylan races to make a difference. Whether it is a child needing a reason to smile or a charity event needing to be recognized, Dylan is there. Dylan’s next race is at Desoto Speedway on November 1st. Dylan is currently 2nd in Points for the season, with only one race left in the series. (Photos by Ciara Martin/Kim Scheffler -- Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

Touch a Truck

Some save lives, some reach high into the sky, some even go through the swamp but none go as fast and turn left as Dylan Martin. It was quite the sight to see Dylan’s #7 Fellows Truck Group Curing Cancer Charity Challenge Pro Truck parked in town square. The kids got the full effect of Dylan’s race team with his trailer on display for them to walk through and even his golf cart was there. When Larry Helms from the Auburndale Parks and Recreation Department contacted Dylan about being in this annual event hosted for the community, he told Dylan we have every kind of truck there except a race truck…we need ya’ kid! When it comes to the kids, Dylan never says no. This event was a hands on experience for the kids to see and touch their favorite truck or equipment. Larry was happy when he said, “The 2014 Touch a Truck was one of the best touch a trucks in years. We had a great turnout of visitors and a unique variety of vehicles for the kids to explore.  I would like to personally thank Dylan Martin Racing for being a part of this great family event.” Dylan had a great time meeting the kids. But I have to say that the kids were overwhelmed when they were given the opportunity to actually sit in a real race truck and even try on Dylan’s race helmet. Their smiles were thanks enough for Dylan. (Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

Joey Coulter Karting Challenge

Who would ever guess that gathering up some NASCAR drivers to head up teams to battle it out on a go-kart track for nothing more than bragging rights could raise thousands of dollars for a great cause. Well folks, this 2nd annual event put on by none other than NASCAR Camping World Driver, Joey Coulter proved it was possible. That evening 92 go-kart drivers joined together to help collect almost $20,000 for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. A very special young girl, Mackenzie was there to receive her power wheelchair to make the event a complete success. Joey Coulter, was all smiles when he said, “I couldn't ask for a better result from the 2nd Darrell Gwynn Foundation Karting Challenge. We raised about $20,000 this year which was enough to cover the cost of the wheelchair donated to 3 year old Mackenzie Michael who was the star of the show by far. I have had the honor of being present at a number of wheelchair donations over the years but this one is going to stick with me for a long time. It’s a great feeling when you can help a foundation like Darrell's but it means even more when you can call on your fellow racers across different series and gain their support for a great cause. I can't thank our partners and everyone that helped enough for all the work that they put in. The drivers that came out to support the DGF deserve an equal amount of thanks for making things fun and raising money to help people with spinal cord injuries. I can't wait for next year’s 3rd Annual Joey Coulter Karting Challenge!” Dylan was teamed up with Patrick Staropoli, Ty Norris and Daniel Stolte. He drove the first leg of the 2 hour endurance race. His fast time was a 63.79 second lap. This was a pretty fast time. Patrick was able to lay down a 63.67 second lap. Patrick Staropoli’s Team was actually in the lead on and off but when the checkered flag dropped they would finish about mid pack. But all the drivers were smiling...they were all winners. When Joey Coulter made the announcement on the total amount raised that night, there was nothing but cheers and grins. After the race, MWR Development Driver Patrick Staropoli stated, "Joey's done such an amazing job with the Karting Challenge and it's been awesome to be part of it for 2 years in a row. We had an all-star lineup on our team between Dylan, Daniel, and Ty and we played our strategy to perfection until the whole field decided to buy us laps down. It was a great night and I hope Mackenzie is enjoying her new wheels!” Dylan said he is definitely going to get some practice laps in before the next event. He is looking forward to being there next year for the 3rd Annual Joey Coulter Karting Challenge! (Photos by Ciara Martin & Kim Scheffler -- Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)