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Race Results 9/8/12

1. Jessica Murphy

2. Brent Huber

3. Danny Anderson

4. Joseph Mursuli

5. Jessica Green

6. Brad Bowman

7. Michael Lira

8. Dylan Martin

9. Donnie Burkhalter

10. Tim Sozio

11. Mica Williams

12. Bobby Owens

13. Josh Borem

14. Randy Leonard

15. Gerald Campbell

16. Pat Mahoney

17. Jake Reedy


Dyaln Martin Talks to Kids About Safety

Sept. 13, 2012 - Dylan Martin went to visit some of the kids at Futurecare Learning Center in Auburndale, FL. He spoke to them about how important it is to wear their seat belts and sit in their car seats. They got a laugh when he told him he pretty much sits in a car seat too when he races, it is just a little bigger. Dylan also expressed how he has to wear his helmet to protect his head, sounds simple to us but the kids thought it was really cool to have their bicycle helmets compared to a really cool racing helmet.

The kids had a chance to ask Dylan questions and the best one of the day was, "so why do you race your truck if you know you are going to wreck?" I believe Dylan gained a lot of fans that day. He had a great time with all the kids, but I had a heck of a time keeping him off the playground. He will be returning in a couple months to see all the kids and they will actually have the opportunity to sit in Dylan's race seat. Dylan feels like if he can help protect just one child, get one more kid to always buckle up, then he has made a difference.



Everyone here at Dylan Martin Racing want to thank the Southern Country Hunt Club, Reiter Electric, Blackwater Integration and Dr. Robert Cano for believing in our mission to help with the 3rd Annual “Making a Difference” Bowl-a-Raiser. After strapping on our bowling shoes, we were quick to realize that we perform better on the track than we do on the bowling lanes. We were not the top bowlers of the day but our goal was to be the team that raised the most money…and we did it with your help ($675).

Dylan’s team went home with 10 medals and the plaque for bringing in the most money. Dylan smiling said, “I had a great time. Was very cool to hang out with a couple of the kids we were raising money for too. We might not have been the best bowlers there but I am proud of our team for raising so much money."

We have already signed up for the next fundraiser, 3rd Annual “Heart of Compassion 5k” Run/Walk/Ride. Both of these and the final one on Dec 14th & 15th at Auburndale Speedway, The Joey Coulter Charity 200 Race are to benefit the 4 families that CARS Racing For A Cause, Inc. is helping.The founder of the cause is Rick Bristol and he had this to say about the successful day, " The 3rd Annual " Making a Difference" Bowl-a-raiser event to help C.A.R.S. Racing for a Cause Inc. be able to help children and families battling serious and terminal illness was a great success. We had the most bowlers ever 57, and were able to raise a new high total. With some money still coming in we are a bit over $2,600 beating last years previous high of $2,090. I am so grateful to all those who came to support the event and those who sponsored bowlers, they make this thing a success". "I also want to recognize the team that raised the most money for the event. The Dylan Martin Mayhem Monkey's were able to bring in $675.00 for the cause.

I want to thank Kim Scheffler who did the ground work for them to get that done. It helped tremendously with us getting to a new high total. The Martin's and Blackwater Integration are a great supporter of our big Charity Race weekend coming up in December as well. Thanks to all the team members for their support."Thank you once again to our new teammates at the Southern Country Hunt Club, Reiter Electric, Blackwater Integration and Dr. Robert Cano for believing and for helping. If you are interested or know of someone else that would like to join us in our efforts to make a difference, please contact Kim Scheffler.


All Compressor & Equipment Inc. Series Points

1. Tim Sozio 109

2. Gerald Campbell 106

3. Danny Anderson 80

4. Nick Hernandez 79

5. Michael Lira 78*

6. Joseph Mursuli 72*

7. Mica Williams 70*

8. Jessica Murphy 67

9. Dylan Martin 66*

10. Jessica Green 64

11. Sam Scott 60

12. Jim Cowhey Jr. 58

13. Josh Borem 57*

14. Dennis Colletti 55

15. Brad Bowman 51*

16. Joey Logan 49

17. Randy Leonard 42*

18. Donnie Burkhalter 40*

19. Jeff Dulaney 16

20. Cody Martell 7*

* Denotes Rookie


Official Results from Auburndale Speedway!

All Compressor & Equipment Inc. 50

1. 50 Danny Anderson

2. 41 Steve Darvalics

3. 14 Sam Scott

4. 7 Dylan Martin

5. 2 Brad Bowman

6. 58 Micheal Lira

7. 2X Gerald Campbell

8. 31 Donnie Burkhalter

9. 111 Josh Borem

10. 16X Tim Sozio

. 21 Randy Leonard

12. 84 Mica Williams

13. 5 Jason Rendell

14. 8 Joseph Mursuli

15. 64 Brent Huber

16. 24 Bruce Bennett

17. 26 Jessica Murphy

18. 16 Jessica Green

19. 11 Joey Logan

20. 37 Nick Hernandez - DQ Camshaft

21. 26X Jason Vail - Refusal to tear down

22. 3 Jim Cowhey Jr. - total weight light


FUPTS #5 Result

We had a great race June 30th, 2012. WE FINISHED 4TH AND STARTED 21ST. We want to give a big thanks to the crew this weekend. They worked the butts off through this crazy Florida heat. Also want to give a thanks to all of our sponsors, Blackwater Integration,BTX technologies, Sound wave engineering, and Martin salon. We would have never been able to do it without you guys. We didn't finish in one piece but we finished, And we finished good!![In-car race video will be in the link below]

GoPro HD Hero: FUPTS Race #5 50 lapper


Race #5 Of the FUPTS

Saturday Night June 30th at Auburndale Speedway race #5 of the Florida United Pro-Truck Series. When that race is in the books it will mark the halfway mark of the schedule and begin a 70 day break through the hot, rainy summer.

Things will crank back up Saturday night September 8th at Citrus County Speedway ! Make your plans to come see this exciting group the 30th ! Great racing action !

June 4, 2012 Posted by rboost in News

Mom of teen auto racer points to safety precautions
June 4, 2012 Posted by rboost in News

Florida United Pro-Truck Series - After 4 Races

All Compressor & Equipment Inc. Series Points

1. Tim Sozio 94
2. Gerald Campbell 88
3. Nick Hernandez 79
4. Joseph Mursuli 61*
5. Jessica Murphy 59
Michael Lira 59*
6. Jim Cowhey Jr. 58
7. Mica Williams 57*
8. Jessica Green 55
Dennis Colletti 55
9. Danny Anderson 54
10. Dylan Martin 45*
11. Joey Logan 43
12. Josh Borem 41*
13. Sam Scott 38
14. Brad Bowman 31*
15. Randy Leonard 28*
16. Donnie Burkhalter 23*
17. Jeff Dulaney 16
18. Cody Martell 7* ("*" Denotes Rookie)

RIP Tyler Morr you will be missed!

Rip Tyler Morr. He was critically injured in a wreck at Auburndale speedway last week. He has been in critical condition all week. But he passed today 5/23/12. He passed at only 12 years old! Our heart and Prayers go out to the Morr family. Cant even imagine what there going through!