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August 21, 2015 Posted by  in News

Dylan Martin’s C.A.R.S. Kids Fundraiser

FullSizeRender (2)After all the calculating and counting, the total for the fundraiser at Gator’s Dockside – Highland City is in. It was a record breaking fundraiser. You all come out in droves. You bought raffle tickets. You bought 50/50 tickets. You ate and you drank. And just like that….you all raised $1,888.77 for Skyla, Lucas and Maci. You purchased $1,362 in raffle tickets & 50/50 tickets. And Gator’s Dockside donated 15% of your checks to the tune of $526.77. Angela Reinink, Gator’s Dockside’s General Manager, said this about the event, “It’s the biggest check we have cut in a long time. Like years. Closest one to it was $426 but that was at 10% back…but most checks are only $200-$300 so I’d say you guys rocked it! Everyone that I have talked to about the event really enjoyed themselves that night and can’t wait until the next one!"

FullSizeRender (3)We can’t thank you all enough for your support. The next fundraiser will be at Gator’s Dockside on August 27th. We will send out the flyer shortly. Mark it on your calendar so you can come out and be a part. If you’re unable to attend, you can always to go and donate there. We want to thank all those who donated raffle items. Their generosity allowed us to raise almost $1400 in ticket sales.

My Country Photos – Polk County
Gary Oyster’s Bar – Lake Alfred
Angel Nail Spay – Auburndale
Service On Site – Lakeland
Visual Images – Winter Haven
Patio850 - Lakeland
Massage by Julie Phelps
Massage by Glenda McFall
O’Reilly Auto Parts – Winter Haven
Euphoria Body Spa – Lakeland
M & M Dance Company – Winter Haven
Habitat Health & Fitness – Winter Haven

July 30, 2015 Posted by  in News

Changes In The Garage

Halloween festWhile we bring this to you with mixed emotions, we feel that it’s best to share this information with all of you, our fans, sponsors and supporters. Dylan Martin Racing has needed to make some changes in the garage, so-to-speak. We have had to downsize our team and make some tough decisions. Kim Scheffler, Dylan’s Public Relations Manager, won’t be finishing out the season with us. We say “with mixed emotions” because while we have lost a great member of the team, we have to be excited to see what is ahead for her on her journey. Although, she continues to be a huge supporter and believer in Dylan, his talents and his path, she won’t be in the role of his Public Relations Manager moving forward. We have been so blessed to have her as a part of this team for the last 3 years. Kim has spent endless hours building a foundation for Dylan Martin Racing. The depth of passion and belief that she brought to this team is infectious and while she may not be in the garage with us, we know she will be cheering us on in all aspects of Dylan’s journey. With Kim’s expertise in the sport of racing and her years of building relationships, we are confident that God has her in His hands and she will flourish in all that she does. She has a love for this sport and an even bigger heart for the youth. Kim has always believed that racing is an avenue to reach youngsters and impact their lives through such a mesmerizing sport. We feel she will continue to touch lives in all she does, as she doesn’t do anything without putting her full heart and soul into it. Kim has been not only a Public Relations Manager for Dylan, but has been a mentor to him as well. We all know that God has all of us in His hands and we believe that there are huge things ahead for Kim Scheffler and for Dylan Martin Racing. We are so grateful for all that Kim poured into this team and we are confident that the seeds she planted will reap a harvest beyond any of our expectations. This has been an incredible journey over these last few years. Dylan has grown not only professionally, but personally as well. Kim provided a constant pillar for Dylan and she instilled a confidence in him he didn’t have before. We can’t thank Kim enough for ALL she did for this team and for Dylan. We want to wish Kim the very best (and better) in all that lies ahead for her.

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July 30, 2015 Posted by  in News

Camp Care A Lot

dylan_ccal_4Dylan had the privilege of visiting the kids at Camp Care A Lot hosted by The Shriners Hospitals for Children last week. The camp is for patients of The Shriner’s hospital ages 8-11. The campers were deep in their activities when Dylan arrived and they were happy to have been able to spend some time with a real race car driver. Although Dylan wasn’t able to take his Super Late Model to the camp due to the weather that day, the kids were still very interested in the car. They loved seeing Dylan’s Hero Card that had a picture of the car on it and they got to talk about the car a lot. One of the campers told Dylan to make sure the headlights were on when he was racing so he could see where he was going. Dylan got to explain to him the headlights are just stickers. It was fun to see these campers contemplate what that really meant. They were so surprised the headlights weren’t real and didn’t actually turn on.

Some of the kids' favorite activities during camp were swimming and eating watermelon. They all seemed to enjoy the swimming part tohelp them cool off from the Florida heat. Dylan was able to hand out pages from his custom coloring book for the campers to take home in their portfolios from the week’s activities. He was happy to be able to attend this year's camp as he always enjoys being able to hang out with the kids. The kids are such an inspiration to Dylan with their lively spirits and heartfelt thank you’s.

It was exciting for Dylan to see Leigh Dittman again. Leigh is a former patient at the Shriners Hospital, and she was giving back by being a counselor for the camp this year. Leigh has raised funds for the Shriners Hospital through her fundraising and being an advocate for the hospital.

July 8, 2015 Posted by  in News

Honorary Crew Chief, Skyla

IMG_1295As Dylan rolled out his Super Late Model from the race trailer, he had a different kind of grin on his face. You might think it is because of the new look of his car. Or maybe the new sponsor that has joined the DMR team, Pro Car Automotive Shop in Lakeland. Well if you guessed any of those you were partially right but the biggest reason was a little 9 year old girl named Skyla. She was going to be his Honorary Crew Chief for the race. Skyla is one of the 3 children that CARS Racing For A Cause is helping this year. Dylan has taken it upon himself to raise $10,000 for these kids. Skyla had quite the day. It first started off with some concession stand food from Steve Fawcett and his kids. Then she went and met the DMR crew.

Dylan’s car was in line for qualifying when Skyla saw her name on it…Honorary Crew Chief Skyla! She was all smiles. It was time to go and watch Dylan qualify. 16 cars lined up to take their 2 laps. With the scoreboard not working it took a few minutes after qualifying was over to see where Dylan qualified. He was 9th fastest with a 13.857 second lap. This was not good. These were the same times he had been running all day with 200 lap tires on. The new tires seemed to not be any good. This would later prove to be correct.

The autograph session was about to start when Skyla jumped on the DMR golf cart. She was ready to go down and hang out with Dylan by his car. This little girl took right to being a part of the team. She asked if she could help. So as Dylan signed hero cards and smiled for pictures, Skyla was right beside him smiling and handing out coloring sheets. As the front stretch cleared and the fans went back to take their seats for the 100 lap race, Skyla walked up to Dylan and gave him a little motivational speech. She said, “Dylan, get your butt in the seat, grab ahold of the steering wheel and believe in yourself.” As Dylan smiled he crawled into the car and buckled up. Skyla had one more job to do before the race started. Once the drivers were all in their cars and ready to go, this little girl battling leukemia shouted with everything she had, “Gentlemen start your engines!”

At 9:05pm, with the heat of the day still lingering the green flag dropped. Dylan was starting 5th row inside. The #98 runs him side by side for a couple laps and then finally gets around him. It didn’t take long for the field to spread out and get single file. About 15 laps into the race, Dylan laps the #72. He seems to be fighting the car through the corners and his times show that. Lap 18 drops the first caution for the #10 as he spins in turn 3 & 4. Chad asks Dylan how the car feels. Dylan says, “I can drive it in but I can’t get it to rotate in the center.” He lines up for the restart in 11th.

Right off the bat, Dylan gets a good jump and gets to the inside of #19. He takes over 10th spot. A couple laps later the #19 taps him in the rear going into turn 1 but Dylan holds on and maintains his position. The cars are single file again for about 10 laps. The #10 tries to get Dylan on the inside but can’t make it work. But then a lap later he tries again and is able to get Dylan up out of the groove. The #19 is there to follow. The next lap though the #19 loses control going into turn 1 and the second caution is out.

Dylan restarts 11th but a lap later the #25 spins to bring another caution out. He restarts 10th but as we all know cautions breed cautions and the yellow is out again for the #23. Lap 51, Dylan is 10th. They get one lap in before the #82 spins and almost collects Dylan but he quickly goes high and barely misses him. Quick reaction time for the 17 year old in his only 5th race in this Super Late Model. Chad tells him, “Way to go buddy, nice job!”

Lap 55, he is 8th when the green flag drops again. A lap later Dylan gets pinched up to the wall and the #30 gets him on the inside and #23 follows. The caution then comes out for the #58. Dylan is 11th when they go back green for a lap before they go yellow again. One lap later the #25 & #58 spin for yet another caution. Dylan restarts 10th but he is fighting the car every lap. It just won’t turn through the corners. The #23 gets to his inside and makes the pass. The #20 does the same the next lap. He is up on the wheel doing everything he can to make his car turn.

The yellow flag comes out for the #10 & #42. This causes some issues which result in the #42 being black flagged. When Dylan takes the green on lap 70 he is 8th. This race proves to be full of cautions as the next one falls for the #10 and the #20 is sent to the rear. He is now 6th but not for long. His car just won’t turn and as he struggles with it he gets jacked up going into turn 1 and hung out to dry as a few cars pass him. Lap 79 sees another caution for the #20 and #58.

Dylan is restarting 8th but a lap later he falls to 9th when the #10 gets by him. Chad apologizes for the way the car is handling and tells Dylan to keep doing what he can. There will be 2 more cautions in the race and Dylan has done everything he can to keep his car out of the wrecks. When the checkered flag drops, he is 11th. Any driver will tell you when you can drive your car back into the trailer after a race it is a good race. Crew Chief, Chad Pierce, had this to say, “Not how we wanted to finish but on the bright side we have some good notes to go to Five Flags with.”

The crew had worked very hard to give Dylan a good car but as was said earlier, the tires were a huge factor in this race. When the guys gathered the tire info after the race the front had closed up a lot. Not what any crew chief wants to see. Dylan said, “It was an exciting race. I had to wheel it the whole time and stay on my toes to avoid the wrecks.” He didn’t get the finish they wanted but he gained some valuable seat time and made one little girl very happy. Skyla had this to say about the day, “It was a GREAT race, and I think Dylan really listened to me when I gave him his pep talk cause he tried really hard! I loved the race, and had a blast. I really enjoyed telling Dylan what to do (as she is smiling ear to ear). I had so much fun hanging out with Miss Kim and Dylan. Everybody was so nice, and I loved the food too.” Thanks to everyone that came out to watch the race and to all the sponsors for their help. Everyone here at DMR welcome Pro Care to our team! Buckle up and hang on tight cuz you are in for one heck of a ride!!

Chad Pierce Motorsports will be getting the Super Late Model ready for its first time ever at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola for the July 24th Blizzard race.

Special Thanks to: Rex Guy for helping make Skyla’s day extra special. Steve Fawcett for the extra special treat of concession stand food for Skyla.

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(Photos by Ciara Martin & Press Release Credit to Kim Scheffler)

June 8, 2015 Posted by  in News

Friends of Combee

20150521_104703_resizedDylan has visited Combee Elementary School and participated in their Great American Teach In. He has even helped out with their Cougar TV News that is produced by the students themselves. He was honored when he got the invitation to be recognized at their “Friends of Combee” Recognition Brunch in Honor of their Business Partners and Volunteers. Dylan asked his good friend Keith Rowland to be in the picture with Principal Tammy Farrens and himself. Keith had just been awarded “Polk County Elementary School Volunteer of the Year” that morning.

Lori Bargeron, Interventionist at Combee said, “It was so nice to see Dylan again at our Volunteer Thank You Brunch on May 21st! We really appreciate all of the time he takes to speak to our students at Combee Elementary School for the Great American Teach-In last fall. We hope he felt honored at our brunch. We are looking forward to seeing him next year!”

Dylan did feel extremely honored to be there. He enjoys meeting the students and reminding them of how important their education is. As a student himself, he wants to make sure they understand that no matter what they dream of being one day…they need their education!

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May 29, 2015 Posted by  in News

Revvin’ It to Kick It…Burnin’ Out Cancer

20150516_114226_resizedA huge thank you to Skyla’s Smiles for putting on this fundraiser at the Moose Lodge for the C.A.R.S. Kids. As local racecar drivers, big trucks and antique cars gathered that morning, it was obvious that everyone was there to bring awareness to these three sweet children. Even little Miss Skyla had her very own Lemonade Booth to help raise money. As she walked around meeting people, you would have no clue this vibrant young spirit has been battling Leukemia for the past three years. This December though she will be finishing up her chemo. It is so wonderful to see her walking around enjoying life. Dylan was all smiles when Miss Skyla presented him with the trophy for “Best Over All Truck”. When it comes to these kids, you will always find Dylan there helping the cause.

The Midnight Clogging Express was there to kick up their heels and show their support for these three children battling serious illnesses. D.J. Ritchie Owens was there all day playing tunes for the crowd. Guest singers, Pamela Poole and Jordan Tyre showed up to sing some songs. Mr. Al from Paws Dawgs had his grill fired up and numerous vendors set up to help bring people to the venue. The weather was hot but the warmth of the hearts that attended far exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was nice to see the community get involved in helping “Burn Out Cancer”. A special thanks to Terrie Monday and Vivian Phillips for all their endless time and efforts into bringing awareness to the children that the C.A.R.S. Foundation is trying to help this year. Thank you to everyone that stopped by.

To read about other visits Dylan has made to the Shriners go to

(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

May 24, 2015 Posted by  in News

The Gift of Walking

Taylor 2“Hey look there is Dylan,” one of the nurses says as Dylan walks into the lobby. Dylan smiles as he sets down the soda tabs he has collected. He hosts a contest every couple months to gather as many tabs as he can to bring the kids. Lisa Buie, the new Public Relations Manager came around the corner and introduced herself. She has only been at the Shriner’s Hospital a couple months. “I had heard lots of great things about Dylan and how much he helps the hospital. Last week, I was able to meet him for the first time. He is a fine young man who loves to bring smiles to our kids’ faces. We appreciate the 30 pounds of soda tabs he brought with him. Those tabs really go a long way toward helping us continue our mission of providing expert orthopedic care to children regardless of families’ ability to pay.”

Dylan made his rounds through the hospital meeting kids. It is completely amazing that it doesn’t matter if he sees them in the therapy room or in the orthopedic fitting rooms, they are always smiling. These types of smiles are so contagious. I believe that is why Dylan is always smiling. He stores up all this joy he sees and it allows him to forever smile. In the therapy room he met, Taylor a little 5 year old that was working on reaching with her arms. As she placed each Disney princess in the castle she told Dylan that her favorite colors were green and yellow. She was quick to tell Dylan that she guessed his was red as she pointed to his firesuit.

Next stop was the wing that the kids are fitted with all types of orthopedic help. Katie Joy was so intrigued with Dylan’s helmet. As the nurse applied pads to the bottom of her cast so she could walk with them and not slip, Dylan and Katie Joy talked about going fast and his shiny helmet. As this little ball of sunshine climbed down the steps of the examining table, her mother looked at Dylan and said, “Thank you for making this fun.” It may just be for a moment but when Dylan visits with the kids, they forget they are in the hospital. Katie Joy then walks Dylan out of her room and down the hallway to leave. The greatest thing is, she is walking. Dylan smiles and tells her good bye. This is a good day.

Dylan is hosting another Soda Tab Contest that will end on July 28th. So keep collecting your Soda Tabs for these incredible kids.

For more information on the Shriners go to

To read about other visits Dylan has made to the Shriners go to

(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

May 20, 2015 Posted by  in News

Dylan meets Elijah & Naomi

20150507_111242_resized_2When kids come to the Sunshine Foundation, they are coming for a weekend of fun and relaxation. Some go to the amusement parks, others to the beach or on a cruise. But when they come to stay at the Dream Village and they request to meet Dylan Martin, the 17 year old Racecar driver from Lakeland…well, he shows up. Elijah and his sister, Naomi came down from up north for their Disney, Sea World and Legoland experiences. They were so excited to meet Dylan but I got a feeling the large swimming pool that The Dream Village has may have been the favorite that day. Dylan replied to Elijah’s mother when she thanked him for coming out, “No thank you for letting me be a part of your day and I hope you enjoy your time here in Florida.” As he walked away, Dylan smiled. He is grateful for these unique moments he has.

If you would like more information about the Dream Village go to

(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)

May 20, 2015 Posted by  in News

Springtime Brings Smiles to CARS Kids

20150506_192129_resized_3It is Springtime in Auburndale, Florida. You can smell the orange blossoms and the Bar-B-Q cookin’. The days are getting warmer and the colors of Spring are everywhere as Dylan Martin set up for his 3rd CARS Kids Fundraiser at his favorite Bar-B-Q restaurant, Smokin’ Jim’s. Every month this year, Dylan is hosting this event to raise money for Skyla, Lucas and Maci. These three children struggle every day with serious illnesses and Dylan wants to help bring a little joy into their lives. He has teamed up with Jim to get 10% of the night’s sales donated and the greatest band around, The Nathan Baldwin Band donates their talents to help out too. The Polk County legend, Joey Foley had this to say about being a part of this monthly event, “It’s always a blessing to work with Dylan Martin and his dynamic team for such a great cause. We are honored to help raise money for the kids. They have certainly stolen all our hearts.”

The night brought in almost $600. That brings us to almost $2,500 for the kids already this year. We are truly blessed to live in a small town that truly cares about its kids. We want to thank some local businesses that contributed to the raffle drawings: Patio850, Ted’s Repair Services, Smokin’ Jim’s, Southern Sass, Blackwater Integration, Dylan Martin Racing and the list goes on. There are some new businesses that will be putting items in the raffle next month, so be sure to come. Once again you are guaranteed to have a great time listening to music, eating good food and possibly winning some wonderful prizes. See you next month!

Skyla, Maci, Lucas and Dylan thank you all for your time and effort given!


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(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)


May 20, 2015 Posted by  in News

Battered and Beaten

15597_479502355533306_2683472173522065675_nDylan was sporting two new sponsors this race. One is Patio850, where you can go eat and experience ‘a truly unique atmosphere and unsurpassed culinary experience in Downtown Lakeland’. Owner Lisa Schaefer stated, “We are delighted to team up with Dylan Martin. He brings a unique twist to the racing industry as we bring to the restaurants of Lakeland. My husband and I take great pride in our food and service as Dylan does in his racing. We wish the whole DMR team great success this season.” The other is Enlighten Digital out of Orlando who said they are proud to be a part of the DMR success. They are a business partner with Blackwater Integration and decided to jump aboard for the race. Dylan was excited to be racing with both of these companies on his Super Late Model. The air was heavy and the sun was blazing hot but the DMR crew was able to get Dylan’s #7 hot rod dialed in. He qualified 5th but from second place qualifier to the seventh place was less than seven thousandths of a second. Okay, that means 6 cars were within a blink of an eye in speed. When you have top running cars that are performing that close together, it is going to be a tight action filled race. That it was! The top 8 cars pulled pills for their starting positions and Dylan pulled 3. He is starting 2nd row inside.

The Super Late Models lined up on the front stretch for the autograph session. Dylan starts this race tied for second in points with #64. It was a great turnout for the 3rd race of the Sunoco 100. Dylan shook hands, signed autographs and handed out his new Hero Cards. They were hot off the press. It is incredible to hear the veteran fans thank him for being such a good driver but also for his passion for racing and his charity work. Then of course you have the young kids that love them some Dylan Martin. His smile and warm spirit are contagious.

Well, it is now race time. The track clears and the 16 drivers climb into their seats and buckle up. It is a little after 9pm and it is still 81 degrees outside. Dylan’s spotter for the night, Dennis Dean tells Dylan to get his tires warm and be alert. That is exactly what Dylan does. The green flag drops and the pole setter goes high into turn 1 and Dylan is right there to captivate on it. Dylan drives his #7 to the lead. He runs first for a couple laps and then the #56 goes to the outside. He gets around Dylan in a lap. Dylan gets a bit loose and the #42 gets under him. This puts Dylan on the outside. The car doesn’t seem to be working very well up there as the 42, 30 and 98 get by him. Lap 6 the first caution drops for Dylan spinning in turn 3 and 4.

Dennis tells Dylan to come to the pits so that the crew can secure the damaged rear bumper and make a chassis adjustment. The DMR crew gets him back out there before the green flag drops. He restarts 16th. Dylan quickly gains a couple spots by passing the #25 on the outside on the back stretch and then the #97. Lap 11, caution for the 177 and 75. Dylan restarts 13th. It only take a couple laps for him to take 12th over.

Dylan has his hands full with the damage of the car. It is driving like it has no rear spoiler. But he stays up on the wheel and gains another spot on lap 21 by passing the #81 car on the inside. He catches the #23 car and begins to work on getting around him. He laps #75 and then laps #25. Dylan is doing everything he can to get by the #23. Lap 47 another caution for three cars that spun and stopped on the track. He restarts 6th.

After a chaotic restart Dylan falls into single file in 7th. Every driver is trying to either fight to keep his position or to gain a position. The #56 and #64 tangle and Dylan drops to the inside of them to try to take the spot but unfortunately he ends up in it. The red flag comes out for cleanup and as Dylan sits stopped on the back stretch in front of his spotter it is obvious there is a lot of damage to the car. When they go back yellow, he shakes the car down to make sure the brakes and steering are good.

Dylan restarts 6th. Caution on the restart, he lines up 5th this time. He gets a good restart. A couple laps later the #12 gets to the inside of Dylan and runs him side by side for a lap. He then drops to 6th. Lap 67, the #23 starts a trend and gets #7 on the inside. The next lap #98 gets him and then the #97. This puts Dylan 9th. He is fighting with everything he has to handle his car through the corners. Lap 74, caution for debris. The call is made to bring him to the pits to try to make some more adjustments to the car.

Restarting 9th, Dylan drives as hard as the car allows him to. Lap 76, caution for the #97 who spins in turn 1. Dylan now 8th. The field restarts and going into turn 1 Dylan finds himself going to the wall in turn 1 as the #97 comes up on him. The #97 gets black flagged and Dylan is able to by the #25. He is 8th in the line but #5 a couple cars in front of him is a lap down. As the last laps click by, Dylan’s car is a sight. Rear bumper dragging, right door caved in a foot and the driver’s door is flapping in the wind. He will get a 7th place finish with a battered racecar.

This is not how the DMR crew wanted to see their car after a race but Enlighten Digital was happy to be able to take a token of the race home. They had come aboard for this race and because of the beaten and battered racecar of Dylan’s they were able to take a piece of the car home with them. Thrilled to see their company logo on Dylan’s car was just a small part of it because now they actually have a piece of the racecar displayed in their office. Their company logo on the piece of wrecked racecar will be a continued reminder of Enlighten Digital’s support of a great driver and team doing great things. Thanks again to all the businesses that support Dylan.

The DMR crew will be getting it back together for the next race on June 13th at Desoto Speedway. Thanks to everyone that came out to watch the race and to all the sponsors for their help. Like the song says, “sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield”…Dylan was the bug for sure!

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(Photos by Ciara Martin and Kim Scheffler & Press Release Credit to Kim Scheffler)