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Friday Fun Day Question comes from Jennifer L. from Auburndale, "Dylan, what is your motivation on and off the track?"

Dylan's reply, "Instead of looking for something or someone to motivate me, self-motivation seems to work best."


This week's question comes all the way from Anchorage, Alaska. Sherry D. asked Dylan, "What is your favorite home cooked meal."

Dylan's reply, "My favorite meal to have at home is Hamburger Helper. The Classic Macaroni to be exact. In fact, just had it a couple weeks ago when my parents were out of town and my buddy Jesse made some."


Today's question comes from Matt Q. in Detroit, MI. He asked, "Why did Dylan pick the #7?"

"Before I started racing 4 wheels I raced on 2 wheels and my favorite rider was always James Stewart. I always looked up to him as a role model because of his focused attitude and determination to over come diversity.. His number was 7 and since I wanted to be like him when I was younger I used his number, and have ever since."


Today's question comes from Bobby M. from Lubbock, TX He asked, "Who is your favorite Nascar Driver? And do you follow any other sports?"

"My favorite NASCAR driver is Jimmie Johnson. His focused attitude and natural skill with the media is a major inspiration... Oh yeah... And he has 6 championships(;

I dont really follow any other sport... If it doesn't involve a motor you probably wont see me watching it."