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Friends of Combee

20150521_104703_resizedDylan has visited Combee Elementary School and participated in their Great American Teach In. He has even helped out with their Cougar TV News that is produced by the students themselves. He was honored when he got the invitation to be recognized at their “Friends of Combee” Recognition Brunch in Honor of their Business Partners and Volunteers. Dylan asked his good friend Keith Rowland to be in the picture with Principal Tammy Farrens and himself. Keith had just been awarded “Polk County Elementary School Volunteer of the Year” that morning.

Lori Bargeron, Interventionist at Combee said, “It was so nice to see Dylan again at our Volunteer Thank You Brunch on May 21st! We really appreciate all of the time he takes to speak to our students at Combee Elementary School for the Great American Teach-In last fall. We hope he felt honored at our brunch. We are looking forward to seeing him next year!”

Dylan did feel extremely honored to be there. He enjoys meeting the students and reminding them of how important their education is. As a student himself, he wants to make sure they understand that no matter what they dream of being one day…they need their education!

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Revvin’ It to Kick It…Burnin’ Out Cancer

20150516_114226_resizedA huge thank you to Skyla’s Smiles for putting on this fundraiser at the Moose Lodge for the C.A.R.S. Kids. As local racecar drivers, big trucks and antique cars gathered that morning, it was obvious that everyone was there to bring awareness to these three sweet children. Even little Miss Skyla had her very own Lemonade Booth to help raise money. As she walked around meeting people, you would have no clue this vibrant young spirit has been battling Leukemia for the past three years. This December though she will be finishing up her chemo. It is so wonderful to see her walking around enjoying life. Dylan was all smiles when Miss Skyla presented him with the trophy for “Best Over All Truck”. When it comes to these kids, you will always find Dylan there helping the cause.

The Midnight Clogging Express was there to kick up their heels and show their support for these three children battling serious illnesses. D.J. Ritchie Owens was there all day playing tunes for the crowd. Guest singers, Pamela Poole and Jordan Tyre showed up to sing some songs. Mr. Al from Paws Dawgs had his grill fired up and numerous vendors set up to help bring people to the venue. The weather was hot but the warmth of the hearts that attended far exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was nice to see the community get involved in helping “Burn Out Cancer”. A special thanks to Terrie Monday and Vivian Phillips for all their endless time and efforts into bringing awareness to the children that the C.A.R.S. Foundation is trying to help this year. Thank you to everyone that stopped by.

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(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)


The Gift of Walking

Taylor 2“Hey look there is Dylan,” one of the nurses says as Dylan walks into the lobby. Dylan smiles as he sets down the soda tabs he has collected. He hosts a contest every couple months to gather as many tabs as he can to bring the kids. Lisa Buie, the new Public Relations Manager came around the corner and introduced herself. She has only been at the Shriner’s Hospital a couple months. “I had heard lots of great things about Dylan and how much he helps the hospital. Last week, I was able to meet him for the first time. He is a fine young man who loves to bring smiles to our kids’ faces. We appreciate the 30 pounds of soda tabs he brought with him. Those tabs really go a long way toward helping us continue our mission of providing expert orthopedic care to children regardless of families’ ability to pay.”

Dylan made his rounds through the hospital meeting kids. It is completely amazing that it doesn’t matter if he sees them in the therapy room or in the orthopedic fitting rooms, they are always smiling. These types of smiles are so contagious. I believe that is why Dylan is always smiling. He stores up all this joy he sees and it allows him to forever smile. In the therapy room he met, Taylor a little 5 year old that was working on reaching with her arms. As she placed each Disney princess in the castle she told Dylan that her favorite colors were green and yellow. She was quick to tell Dylan that she guessed his was red as she pointed to his firesuit.

Next stop was the wing that the kids are fitted with all types of orthopedic help. Katie Joy was so intrigued with Dylan’s helmet. As the nurse applied pads to the bottom of her cast so she could walk with them and not slip, Dylan and Katie Joy talked about going fast and his shiny helmet. As this little ball of sunshine climbed down the steps of the examining table, her mother looked at Dylan and said, “Thank you for making this fun.” It may just be for a moment but when Dylan visits with the kids, they forget they are in the hospital. Katie Joy then walks Dylan out of her room and down the hallway to leave. The greatest thing is, she is walking. Dylan smiles and tells her good bye. This is a good day.

Dylan is hosting another Soda Tab Contest that will end on July 28th. So keep collecting your Soda Tabs for these incredible kids.

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(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)


Dylan meets Elijah & Naomi

20150507_111242_resized_2When kids come to the Sunshine Foundation, they are coming for a weekend of fun and relaxation. Some go to the amusement parks, others to the beach or on a cruise. But when they come to stay at the Dream Village and they request to meet Dylan Martin, the 17 year old Racecar driver from Lakeland…well, he shows up. Elijah and his sister, Naomi came down from up north for their Disney, Sea World and Legoland experiences. They were so excited to meet Dylan but I got a feeling the large swimming pool that The Dream Village has may have been the favorite that day. Dylan replied to Elijah’s mother when she thanked him for coming out, “No thank you for letting me be a part of your day and I hope you enjoy your time here in Florida.” As he walked away, Dylan smiled. He is grateful for these unique moments he has.

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(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)


Springtime Brings Smiles to CARS Kids

20150506_192129_resized_3It is Springtime in Auburndale, Florida. You can smell the orange blossoms and the Bar-B-Q cookin’. The days are getting warmer and the colors of Spring are everywhere as Dylan Martin set up for his 3rd CARS Kids Fundraiser at his favorite Bar-B-Q restaurant, Smokin’ Jim’s. Every month this year, Dylan is hosting this event to raise money for Skyla, Lucas and Maci. These three children struggle every day with serious illnesses and Dylan wants to help bring a little joy into their lives. He has teamed up with Jim to get 10% of the night’s sales donated and the greatest band around, The Nathan Baldwin Band donates their talents to help out too. The Polk County legend, Joey Foley had this to say about being a part of this monthly event, “It’s always a blessing to work with Dylan Martin and his dynamic team for such a great cause. We are honored to help raise money for the kids. They have certainly stolen all our hearts.”

The night brought in almost $600. That brings us to almost $2,500 for the kids already this year. We are truly blessed to live in a small town that truly cares about its kids. We want to thank some local businesses that contributed to the raffle drawings: Patio850, Ted’s Repair Services, Smokin’ Jim’s, Southern Sass, Blackwater Integration, Dylan Martin Racing and the list goes on. There are some new businesses that will be putting items in the raffle next month, so be sure to come. Once again you are guaranteed to have a great time listening to music, eating good food and possibly winning some wonderful prizes. See you next month!

Skyla, Maci, Lucas and Dylan thank you all for your time and effort given!


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(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)