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Better Than Yesterday

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Celebrating the Season with Thankfulness


Celebrating the Season with Thankfulness
December 20, 2018

With the season of thankfulness here, I am thankful for each one of you. This journey can't and shouldn't be traveled alone and with each one of your prayers being felt, I knew I wasn't alone. I believe with your unselfish, countless hours of prayers, I'm here making this journey with each of you on my side. Every card, text, picture, poster and gift was a refreshing reminder that I wasn't going it alone. Every new challenge I face I know I have a pit full of friends and family cheering me on to succeed and conquer whatever I'm facing  

Thank You All for the love, support and prayers, Dylan


  Since our last newsletter in early November Dylan has been focused on his recovery and rehab. He's had several follow up appointments with his surgeons and the healing process is moving along. He's found out that there is a possibility that the plates in his wrists may be able to come out in about 9 months. Yes, a few more surgeries may be ahead for him, but he is determined to regain what he's lost from this accident. He's driven to get back to walking normally and he's pushing himself in rehab with great guidance and direction from some very qualified therapists. He goes to therapy three times a week and he's started to be more independent which he's extremely determined to get back to. If you know Dylan, he definitely wants to do things on his own. He's been extremely humble and patient with all of the assistance he's needed these last few months. He's been a good patient (his mom says).


This past weekend was the Bristol Family Charity Race at Auburndale Speedway. This is a race that Dylan has participated in for many years and he's helped to raise funds for the families each year as well. Dylan has had this race on his calendar since it was announced. He sold his Open Wheel Modified and bought a Pro Truck so he could go back to Pro Truck racing and the charity race was to be the opening to that newest path. Dylan never wavered in his quest (even after waking up from a coma) that he was going to participate in the Charity Race weekend. Many doubted him, but didn't want to discourage his drive, but felt he wouldn't be able to do it. But he had one goal - get back in his truck and get back on the track and he did just that. 11 weeks after his horrific motorcycle accident, Dylan climbed into his race truck and took to the track. He would run a day of practice ahead of the race weekend and then qualifying was up next. It was truly challenging for Dylan. Both physically and mentally. Here was something that he has a real passion for; something he's done for over 10 years; something that felt as natural to him as driving a car on the street does to us, wasn't natural anymore; it wasn't without pain; it wasn't without emotions. This time was much different. This time it was tougher. His foot would shake on the gas pedal. It felt like knives were stabbing him when he hit the brake and he needed modifications inside the truck he'd never needed before. This time it was different. It wasn't just different for Dylan, but for his family too. What once the family knew brought him great joy, they had to watch as he struggled with it. Dylan was determined. He's worked for 11 weeks to get back to being able to climb into his truck. He wasn't gonna let the emotions of the weekend deter him. Dylan went out there and participated in qualifying along with 28 other trucks.




He took the green for 2 laps and he drove it in as hard as he could. Qualifying results were not the goal -- running those 2 qualifying laps were. And he accomplished that goal. Dylan knew that his body was still recovering from a very traumatic accident and his body had given him all it had so he could accomplish his goal. That was all Dylan had in him and everybody celebrated and respected Dylan for the decision he painfully made to bow out of the race. Dylan knew he couldn't physically drive 113 laps and he respected the other drivers that would be going door to door enough to remove himself from the race. If you're a racer, know a race, have ever been to a race you have to know how hard of a decision that was for him. But Dylan stood strong and made the right choice for himself. When it was time for the autograph session on race day, Sunday afternoon, Dylan drove his #7 Pro Truck out onto the track to participate in the autograph session even though he was going to have to drive his truck back off the track while 24 other drivers didn't. That's what we call #DYLANSTRONG.

  The charity race was to be the first time Dylan and his brother, Brandon, were going to race in the same class at the same time. Brandon wanted to honor Dylan's drive to survive, his fight to live and his strength to recover. Brandon had Dylan's iconic monkey logo put on the hood of his Pro Truck and offered for anyone who wanted to (and could) to sign it in support of Dylan. There were countless signatures and well wishes on the hood and it was special to see it cross the finish line of the charity race (as so many trucks did not) with the checkered flag flying. Dylan is in the race of his life right now and he to will be taking that checkered flag in the near future! Brandon presented Dylan with the hood after the race and it now has a home on the wall of Dylan's office. #DYLANSTRONG



Dylan has had the honor of going to several NASCAR races with David Reutimann and to be able to have Buzzie Reutimann as the Grand Marshall for the Bristol Family Charity Race was an honor. Thank you Buzzie for your support of local racing.


A special thank you to all those who worked tirelessly to prepare Dylan's truck for him. Some didn't start in the direction of getting Dylan's truck 'race ready' but Dylan always had the same plan -- have his truck ready to race. Thank you Chad Pierce and all your staff for getting Dylan's truck ready. Thank you Brandon Martin, Patrick Rickman, Henry Allen, Andy Metz, and more for wrenching on Dylan's truck when he couldn't, although Dylan would most certainly climb out of his wheelchair and onto the floor to work on it as he could. Thank you Rick Bristol for giving Dylan the opportunity to participate in the Charity Race weekend. Thank you Rex Guy for giving Dylan whatever he needed to test and practice prior to the race weekend (race track, lights, car lift, etc). And Thank You to the multiple surgeons, the Trauma ICU staff, the ICU staff, the staff at Bannasch Rehabilitation for patching him back together and giving Dylan the chance to do what he loves.


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Dylan Defying the Odds


Dylan Defying the Odds
November 7, 2018

The last time we sent out a newsletter it was to announce the Bowling Fundraiser for CARS Racin' For A Dream on September 30th. Well, I'm here to tell you, the fundraiser was a success and a hit, but Dylan took a big hit that day too. Dylan was on his way to the bowling fundraiser on that Sunday afternoon when he was hit by a car. He was driving a motorcycle and yes he was wearing his helmet and safety gear. Many of you may already be aware of the horrific accident it was, while others may not have heard. I'm here to tell you, Dylan is alive and well and a true miracle. It has been a grueling 5 weeks for Dylan, his family and all those who love him. Dylan wasn't expected to make it to the hospital. His father and brother where working in Arizona and his sister lives in Illinois. They all had to fly back immediately.
The surgeons took Dylan into surgery that night and worked on his right leg for more than 6 hours. He would have several other surgeries to go but all the orthopedic attention was put on hold when the neurosurgeon had to tell the family that there was little hope and his prognosis didn't look good. Dylan had slipped into a deep coma. The rest of the family was called in as was a nation of prayer warriors. Tests were ran and procedures were done and all showed no explanation as to why Dylan was not waking up. A couple painful days later, Dylan opened his eyes, It was a truly joyous day. His dad compared it to when you see your children born, a feeling like none other. If you know Dylan, you know he treasures his sleep and looking back, Dylan said he was just tired and needed sleep. Mind you, he had a long road ahead still. Orthopedics began to schedule his other surgeries. He had both wrists operated on by two different surgeons at the same time to minimize the length of time Dylan would be under anesthesia. He had his right ankle repaired during another surgery. Dylan spent 11 days in the Trauma ICU unit. He was then downgraded to the ICU unit for a few more days. Dylan was defying all the doctors' anticipated recovery timeline.

The day before Dylan's 21st birthday he was discharged from the hospital and admitted into a rehabilitation facility for in-patient rehab. Dylan, his family and friends (21 of them) all celebrated Dylan's 21st birthday in the rehab unit. It was truly a birthday to celebrate!!! Again, Dylan still defied their plans and he was discharged to go home 25 days after the accident that was supposed to take him from us. Dylan has received an enormous amount of support and prayers. The outpouring of support for Dylan was unimaginable. His room was flooded with cards, balloons, bears and gifts. Every time a new nurse would come in, they would gasp at the amount of love and support that had been shown to him. It has been humbling to be a part of that. This write up doesn't begin to share the extent of this miracle. His dad journaled each day of this journey on his Facebook and we shared those entries on Dylan's racing Facebook page. To see each day please visit Dylan Martin Racing LLC

Every day is Better Than Yesterday

On November 3rd, Dylan's brother, Brandon, raced in his first Pro-Truck race at Auburndale Speedway in Auburndale, FL. Dylan was able to join him for his debut in Black Betty (Dylan's #7 Pro Truck from the years past). It was a great evening at the track. It felt like home and Dylan was able to see many that had been praying for him countless hours. It won't be long before Dylan joins him on the track and what a glorious day that will be for all of us.

We can't thank you all enough for the enormous amount of support. Dylan's family, friends and fans adopted #DYLANSTRONG to support the strength he was exhibiting to survive and the strength he is going to need for recovery. It began to pop up on racecars all over the country, including his past teammate with Empire Racing Group/Grumpy's, Inc. Thad Moffitt's ARCA car at Indianapolis along with many other ARCA cars. It has truly been a journey that has shown us what the 'racing family' is made of.....sincere caring, strength and support. #DYLANSTRONG
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The Answer to your Question

Lakeland, FL - The question is am I still racing. The answer is "Yes". I am a racer at heart. It's in my soul. I may not be behind the wheel on the racetrack but if you ask me if I still race the answer will be yes. When you've been where I've been, got to do the things I've gotten to do, met the legends I have met and had a taste of the heart of racing you can't just not do it. We are in a time where circumstances will dictate the level that you can participate in this evolving sport. Some of NASCAR's household names are losing sponsors and in turn losing their rides. It's easy to get frustrated when you see drivers on that level be turned away from the sport. I was fortunate to have experienced this sport on a level that few get to. I would be lying if I didn't say I miss it greatly. But I will focus on racing in a sport that I love, on a level I can with my friends, fans and family behind me. If we stopped doing what we loved because we could no longer do it on the level that we wanted to we would all be sitting on the couch Sunday afternoon watching others do. So let me give you an update on what I've been up to.

When I traded my super late model for an open wheel modified I wanted to know the car and every bolt in it. I tore it down to the chassis had it painted and have been reassembling it bolt by bolt. This has been a slow process. But nonetheless still a process.

I have goals to have the car on the track this season. But if anybody has been in the sport long enough they know goals are only met with dollars. The truth is this is an expensive sport and to participate is sacrificial on many levels. I have been reassembling the open wheel modified while also working. As many of us local racers do, we can't just race full-time. There's a lot to be done to my car but I am confident with the experience that I was able to gain over the season I spent in North Carolina that I will be able to be on the track soon.

I am grateful for the support of my fans, friends and family. Many of my past sponsors still offer their support and I am appreciative of all those who have poured into my racing. I am excited for 2018 and look forward to getting back behind the wheel and wheelin' this car on the track. Look for me in the months ahead.

Giving Tuesday is Coming

Kaitlynn and Gianna need our help. Giving Tuesday is coming, but here's your chance to get a jump on donating. We are coming to the close of the 2017 season and our fundraising efforts for the CARS Kids. This is a great opportunity for you to be a part of making a difference in the lives of 2 families this holiday season. Both families have struggled this year with the expenses of the girls' medical care. Between doctors' appointments and the expense of traveling to them, the time taken off work and the loss of income has really been felt by both families.

You have a chance to help lighten that burden with your donations.

Little Gianna is 4 years old and was in a car accident in January where she received severe trauma to the brain and had a halo placed on due to injuries to her neck. We are happy to say that she's had the halo removed and will not have to have neck surgery. With therapy she should have full range of movement one day. She is in pre-K and loving it. She got a chance to go to Disney and see Frozen to celebrate having the halo removed.

Kaitlynn, a 16 year old beautiful young lady from Auburndale who was diagnosed with all three forms of scoliosis, Scheuermann's disease and was also recently diagnosed with a treatable blood cancer. Last December she had surgery to correct her spinal problems. They placed a rod down her spine from the base of her neck to her tailbone. When she came off the operating table she stood three inches taller. She is in physical therapy and dealing with nerve damage from scoliosis. Kaitlynn has had a rough year struggling with complications from the hardware placed in her spine. Her mother feels very confident in her new doctor and she'll be scheduled to have the hardware removed and replaced soon. She has remained in school and in fact will be graduating this spring with numerous college credits.

So as you can see, any help you can offer to these two precious children will help make a difference.

Our foundation is trying to bring a few extra smiles to these families. If you can help us do that, we would greatly appreciate any and everything you can do. Thank you for taking the time to consider helping our kids and families.

For Donations, Contact:

Kim Scheffler at
Staci Martin at

Credit cards can be accepted for donations.
All donations are tax deductible as CARS is a 501c3 organization.

Lets Raise Funds for a good Cause

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Summer School Is On The Agenda

Lakeland, FL - Dylan attended summer school on July 6th, lucky for him, he wasn't a student this time. Mrs. O'Neal Wiedenman asked Dylan to be a special guest for her summer school 'reading racers' students. And with a racing theme Dylan wanted his brother (fellow race car driver), Brandon Martin, to join him to visit with the students. It would be the students' last day of summer school and many had achieved enough reading points in the program to have special recognition for their efforts. Dylan and Brandon would be part of their reward for earning enough points. Mrs. O'Neal Wiedenman was one of Dylan's teachers when he attended Blake

Academy in his elementary years. Many of the teachers Dylan had were quite aware of the challenge that he faced with his racing schedule and school. They were very patient with him and his absences, but those didn't come without sacrifice. Dylan would take his school work with him on the road when he traveled to race his quarter-midget race car around the country. Many times Dylan would be out of school on Fridays and Mondays and it left the teachers with a great challenge of how to educate Dylan. When he was in school he was interested in very little except racing. Parent-teacher conferences came with many suggestions from his parents for the teachers to offer him material with racing themes (racing books/stories, racing relevant math problems, etc.). One of Dylan's memories of Mrs. O'Neal Wiedenman was bringing her to tears in her quest to find what would work for Dylan and draw his interest in schoolwork. Years later, she asked him to be a special guest for her reading students. Dylan was truly honored to do it. He's able to share a perspective with the students that many don't get to hear. Not everybody who comes to visit their classrooms were good students.

Dylan's able to share his struggles with the students to provide them encouragement that with perseverance and hard work, you can accomplish the goal of education and graduation. He was not a textbook student and he was blessed to have teachers that strive to fit their lesson plans into something that would work for Dylan. Mrs. O'Neal Wiedenman had this to say about Dylan's visit, "The kids had a great time! Thanks for being an inspiration to them. I'm proud of you!". With the many challenges Dylan threw his teachers' way, they are proud of him and how he is able to share those challenges with students and encourage them to follow their dreams. Brandon and Dylan spent one-on-one time with the students during their lunch and shared stories about their years in the classroom and on the track. The students had some really good and funny questions for the boys. The students got a good laugh from Dylan and Brandon sharing about what they'd do if the other wrecked one. The students had lots of stories about their sibling rivalries. It was a fun time for all. Thank you Mrs. O'Neal Wiedenman.

UPDATE - For the many who are wanting to know Dylan's progress on his Open Wheel's still in the build stage. It's a slow process for sure, but Dylan is determined to get it built. When you're doing it without sponsors, the speed of the build is at a much slower pace. But rest assured he will get it complete. He's anxious to get it on the track and start competing in a class he hasn't tackled before. He'll be looking for businesses who want to partner with him on his new quest. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to be a part of Dylan Martin Racing.

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Spirit Day Fundraiser - June 15th, 2017

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Spirit Day Fundraiser - May 25th, 2017