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Dylan Debuts at New Smyrna Speedway

IMG_2645As the crew rolled into New Smyrna Speedway Friday night for Dylan's debut race in the Super Late Model at the high bank 1/2 mile track, there was a sense of excitement. The team has been rained out of the last couple races and it looked like we had a good chance of getting this one in. Friday night's practice session was hot and steamy in Florida style, but that did not slow down the team from laying down some good lap times throughout the practice. Chad, Nick, Brandon and Dylan were working hard all night making adjustments and every tweak made the car that much better. At the end of the night the crew loaded up the car in anticipation of race day. It was time to get a good night's sleep and be ready for a long race day.

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gators-dockside5147 US-98, Lakeland, FL 33812
Thursday, OCTOBER 15th
11am until CLOSING
The event is all day and night!

Dylan is hosting the 7th “Racing For A Cause” Fundraiser to help raise money for Lucas, Maci and Skyla. These three kids face very serious illnesses every day. Help us bring some comfort and joy to their lives. So come tap your toes to some live music by The Nathan Baldwin Band from 7-9pm, enjoy great tasting food and some wonderful raffle prizes. Gator’s Dockside is donating 15% of your ticket to the CARS Kids if you mention Dylan, the CARS Kids or put your receipt in the bucket by the door. This will be for the entire day /night on the 15th of October. See you there!


C.A.R.S. Kids Fundraiser at Gator's Dockside

Dylan is hosting the 6th "Racing for a Cause" Fundraiser to help raise money for Lucas, Maci and Skyla. For more information, please click here.

News from the Pits

We-Will-Never-ForgetAs we remember September 11, 2001, may we never forget the police, firefighters and everyday people that not only put their life in harm’s way to protect the innocent, but for those that paid the ultimate price. Dylan had the privilege of being at the opening of the 9/11 memorial in New York, one he will never forget.

Always remember that freedom is not free. "God Bless the U.S.A"

Time out for the Shriner's

Dylan and CharlieTogether with you and Dylan, he was able to deliver over 70 lbs. of soda tabs to the Shriner's Hospital for Children - Tampa on September 1st. The volunteers are always so thankful to see Dylan. They even took a minute to take photos with Dylan and have him autograph his hero cards for them. All the volunteers have one goal and that's to make the children smile and there were many of those going around during Dylan's visit that day. The kids are dealing with some real grown-up problems, but get to be kids when Dylan stops by to visit. They play with cars and trains and Charlie even had Dylan play in his hiding place (behind the curtain in his patient room). Caleb was a 3 year old that had an adult knowledge of cars and he and Dylan melded together rather quickly. These kids are so precious and the small act of just visiting with them for a few minutes makes such a difference in their day. Thank you all who collected soda tabs for these kids. Ed Long was the winner of this past contest. We are very grateful for each of you that partner with us to collect these tabs. The next contest is from September 1st - November 10th. The winner will receive a DMR tote bag, so get to collecting those tabs. These kids really appreciate it. Read more


Dylan Back on Track

pic 2After taking a few months off for the Florida rainy season, seems like we came up one week short. Dylan just recently drove a Legend car in the Xtreme Racing Series at Anderson Motor Speedway and was looking forward to getting behind the wheel of his Super Late Model back at his home track, also known as 'The Bull Ring'. The team came together Friday night for practice and were ready to get this hot rod back in the winner's circle.

Friday night went as planned. We were laying down some good laps and the car was getting better after every session. Chad Pierce (Crew Chief) was getting her all dialed in when he discovered the right front rotor was showing signs of too much wear, in simple terms, there were cracks all through the rotor. The decision was made to go ahead and put her to bed for the night to avoid the potential of a much bigger repair. Read more


Help us by ordering Pizza

unnamedCome out to Papa John's Pizza at 117 E. Memorial Blvd., Lakeland tonight at 6pm to meet Dylan and help us raise money for 3 special kids (Maci, Lucas and Skyla). We will be selling raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets and Dylan will be giving autographs and his Super Late Model will be on display as well. Papa John's has partnered with Dylan Martin Racing to donate 20% of your ONLINE orders for 2015 to CARS Racing for a Cause Kids by using code DYLANMARTIN7. Come out and support their partnership and the CARS kids.

Welcome Pro Care Auto Repair

ProCareAutoRepairWe are so excited at Dylan Martin Racing, LLC to announce a new sponsor for the remainder of the 2015 racing season. Pro Care Auto Repair, (Lakeland, FL) has joined the DMR team. Steve and Lisa, owners, had this to say about their sponsorship with DMR...."We (Pro Care Auto Repair) are excited to join the Dylan Martin Racing team and help support such a talented young racer." Steve has taken care of Dylan's personal vehicle and his families' personal vehicles for years. Steve always strives to provide honest and quality mechanical work and he has not disappointed over the years. If you're looking for a honest and reliable mechanic, give Steve a call at Pro Care Auto Repair, 405 S. Lake Parker Ave., Lakeland, Florida 863-683-6598.

Dylan Partners with the Xtreme Racing Series

Autograph sessionIf you live anywhere in Florida, you know the summer rains can be brutal on the mid racing season. With that in mind, the DMR team felt it was good to take a little time off and regroup the team for the second half of the season. With summer coming to an end, it was time this past weekend to hit the track again, and what a better way to start the second half of the season then to take the team out of state and race a different series to spice up the action. Dylan had the chance to race in the Xtreme Racing Series “Showdown at Sundown” in Williamston, NC. This was also no ordinary race, the promoter partnered with Dylan Martin Racing’s “DMR Kids” to bring in C.A.R.S Racing for a Cause. This allowed DMR Kids and C.A.R.S. the ability to bring awareness and raise funds for the C.A.R.S. charity in a new series that runs around the country and having Kim Scheffler, Skyla and her grandma, Terrie there really brought the charity to life.

The Car:
• Owner: Joe Ryan Osborne
• Wheelbase: 73.00 in
• Overall Width: 60.00 in
• Overall Length: 10 ft 6 in
• Height: 46 in
• Engine: Yamaha 1250cc
• Horsepower: 140 hp
• Weight: 1,300 lb. with driver

The Track:
• Anderson Motor Speedway
• Seating: 5,000+
• Length: 3/8 Mile
• Front Banking: 3 Degrees
• Back Banking: 6.5 Degrees
• Turns: 14 Degrees

Dylan with SkylaThis race was comprised of (2) 25 Lap Segments, Qualifying was done on a single lap for starting position. The finish of segment 1 determined you start of segment 2. Dylan had a slip in the qualifying lap giving him a P-21 starting position out of 27 cars. With Dylan and Joe talking about the 1st segment, they decided to let Dylan continue to get use to the car and pick up spots as he could, but stay out of trouble and get into the next segment. Dylan did just that after an early spin on his own, he regrouped starting from the rear and finished P-17 in the first segment. The start of the second segment saw a lengthy lap 1 as they were trying to get the cars going in the right direction. Dylan climbed as high as P-5 in the final laps, but slipped back to P-10 on a Green-White-Checker. A top 10 was our goal as this was the first time Dylan had driven a Legend and for Dylan and the crew, all goals were met including putting the car back on the trailer with no damage. The DMR team would like to thank Daniel Lyon for putting on a great event and allowing DMR Kids to bring in “C.A.R.S” for a great fundraising opportunity. We want to thank “C.A.R.S” for having Kim Scheffler, Skyla and Terrie come up to represent the charity. We would also like to thank Joe Ryan Osborne for putting together a great ride and all the pointers to get through the race. We would also like to congratulate Joe on placing 3rd at Bowman Grey the following night in the modified race. The 50/50 and raffles at the track got us $397 closer to the $10K goal. Keep up the great work.

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Dylan Martin’s C.A.R.S. Kids Fundraiser

FullSizeRender (2)After all the calculating and counting, the total for the fundraiser at Gator’s Dockside – Highland City is in. It was a record breaking fundraiser. You all come out in droves. You bought raffle tickets. You bought 50/50 tickets. You ate and you drank. And just like that….you all raised $1,888.77 for Skyla, Lucas and Maci. You purchased $1,362 in raffle tickets & 50/50 tickets. And Gator’s Dockside donated 15% of your checks to the tune of $526.77. Angela Reinink, Gator’s Dockside’s General Manager, said this about the event, “It’s the biggest check we have cut in a long time. Like years. Closest one to it was $426 but that was at 10% back…but most checks are only $200-$300 so I’d say you guys rocked it! Everyone that I have talked to about the event really enjoyed themselves that night and can’t wait until the next one!"

FullSizeRender (3)We can’t thank you all enough for your support. The next fundraiser will be at Gator’s Dockside on August 27th. We will send out the flyer shortly. Mark it on your calendar so you can come out and be a part. If you’re unable to attend, you can always to go and donate there. We want to thank all those who donated raffle items. Their generosity allowed us to raise almost $1400 in ticket sales.

My Country Photos – Polk County
Gary Oyster’s Bar – Lake Alfred
Angel Nail Spay – Auburndale
Service On Site – Lakeland
Visual Images – Winter Haven
Patio850 - Lakeland
Massage by Julie Phelps
Massage by Glenda McFall
O’Reilly Auto Parts – Winter Haven
Euphoria Body Spa – Lakeland
M & M Dance Company – Winter Haven
Habitat Health & Fitness – Winter Haven


Changes In The Garage

Halloween festWhile we bring this to you with mixed emotions, we feel that it’s best to share this information with all of you, our fans, sponsors and supporters. Dylan Martin Racing has needed to make some changes in the garage, so-to-speak. We have had to downsize our team and make some tough decisions. Kim Scheffler, Dylan’s Public Relations Manager, won’t be finishing out the season with us. We say “with mixed emotions” because while we have lost a great member of the team, we have to be excited to see what is ahead for her on her journey. Although, she continues to be a huge supporter and believer in Dylan, his talents and his path, she won’t be in the role of his Public Relations Manager moving forward. We have been so blessed to have her as a part of this team for the last 3 years. Kim has spent endless hours building a foundation for Dylan Martin Racing. The depth of passion and belief that she brought to this team is infectious and while she may not be in the garage with us, we know she will be cheering us on in all aspects of Dylan’s journey. With Kim’s expertise in the sport of racing and her years of building relationships, we are confident that God has her in His hands and she will flourish in all that she does. She has a love for this sport and an even bigger heart for the youth. Kim has always believed that racing is an avenue to reach youngsters and impact their lives through such a mesmerizing sport. We feel she will continue to touch lives in all she does, as she doesn’t do anything without putting her full heart and soul into it. Kim has been not only a Public Relations Manager for Dylan, but has been a mentor to him as well. We all know that God has all of us in His hands and we believe that there are huge things ahead for Kim Scheffler and for Dylan Martin Racing. We are so grateful for all that Kim poured into this team and we are confident that the seeds she planted will reap a harvest beyond any of our expectations. This has been an incredible journey over these last few years. Dylan has grown not only professionally, but personally as well. Kim provided a constant pillar for Dylan and she instilled a confidence in him he didn’t have before. We can’t thank Kim enough for ALL she did for this team and for Dylan. We want to wish Kim the very best (and better) in all that lies ahead for her.

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