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Reeling in the Cure

20150221_103542The race track isn’t the only place where engine issues happen. Dylan and his big brother, Brandon, were going to fish in this year’s Curing Cancer Charity Cast Off Fishing Tournament. Unfortunately, the boat had other plans. After a couple hours of trying everything they could think of Dylan and Brandon hung up their fishing poles in defeat. That didn’t stop Dylan from coming out and spend time meeting the fishermen that did make the cast. The big fish award caught was over 10 pounds. Big fish, small fish and even no fish, there was still smiles on every person that walked across that stage during weigh in.

Dylan carried this logo for the tournament on his race truck in the 2014 season. It brought him luck on the track as it brought in money for the fight against cancer. “We appreciate Kim and Dylan coming out to support our Curing Cancer Charity Cast Off again this year. Although we had a bit of a chilly start, it shaped up to be a great day on the water, and more importantly, it shaped up to be a great day in the fight against cancer. This year’s effort raised $7,000 for the American Cancer Society, which will hopefully bring us 7,000 steps closer to a cure,” stated Donna Fellows, the foundation president.

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(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)


DMR Partnering with the Raiders

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NASCAR Rookie Seminar

20150218_102303Dylan was honored to be invited for the second time to the NASCAR Rookie Seminar. After arriving at the Daytona 500 Club and eating breakfast with all the rookie drivers from all the NASCAR series, Mike Helton welcomed all the drivers. This was followed with some discussion about the actual business and history of NASCAR. The drivers were then split up into 4 groups. These groups then rotated through the following topics: 1)Health and Wellness, 2)Financial Management, 3)Communication Techniques and 4) Social Media. Before lunch the rookies were gathered up once again to listen to some insight from former Rookie of the Year, Mike Skinner and Kyle Larson.

The drivers had time to mingle while they ate lunch. It was interesting to hear some of the stories of where they came from and what got them into racing. After lunch, Ken Ungar was introduced to talk about his book, “How to Stay Ahead of the Game”. He explained about what it is to build your brand but also how quickly you can destroy it. It is obvious that NASCAR believes in his theory and ideas because every rookie left with their own copy of the book. It is no surprise why NASCAR is the number one watched sport. To see the energy put into making sure these rookies succeed was incredible. A lot of talent walked out of that seminar with more knowledge and confidence to make it in the racing industry.

(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)


Smokin' Jim's March 4th

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Getting Back to the Roots

20150214_160935It is amazing where a driver may find himself during the off season. Dylan was thankful when Cody Johnson offered him a chance to drive his Box Stock Heavy Kart this past weekend. While most where out with their love celebrating Valentine’s Day, this young driver was out doing what he loves, racing. It was a very cold night but the heat these karts were laying down was intense.

Dylan got to practice the kart in a couple sessions. It didn’t take him long to find where not to run on this dirt track. After spinning the kart out, he found the limit to his kart. Dylan’s friend Christina McDuffie was there to give him a few pointers about the track. It was then time for his Heat race. Dylan would be starting 7th out of 7 karts. The karts are lined up single file to take the green. The green flag drops and Dylan is on the move. Within the first lap he passes #58 on the inside, taking over the 6th position. He then starts to catch the kart in front of him. A couple laps later, Dylan in his #7 kart finds himself getting loose coming out of turn 4 but is able to save it. When the checker flag drops on lap 10, Dylan finishes 6th.

After each time the kart goes on the track, Dylan and Cody’s crew have to take off the tires. The tires get washed, dried and a special ingredient gets put on them..shhhh it is a secret. It is then Feature time. Dylan lines up single file for the start of the 20 lap race. He is starting 11th out of 15 karts. The green flag flies and Dylan dives off into turn 1 way too fast and slides way up the track, dropping him back to 15th. Lap 2 the first caution is out. He will restart 14th. Dylan gets a kart on the restart but the next turn goes in to hard and loses the spot. A couple laps later, he passes #8 on the inside. Second caution flags comes out and Dylan restarts 13th.

Dylan and the #8 find themselves in a race of their own. The battle back and forth for position for 5 laps. The #8 gives Dylan a love tap going into turn 1 but Dylan holds the position. A lap later though, the #8 gets by him. Caution flag comes out again, but this time Dylan gets the #8 on the restart. A lap later he gets back under Dylan. These two karts battle it out until Dylan gets loose coming out of turn 4. The checker flag drops with Dylan in 11th place. As Dylan helps push the kart back to the pits, he is all smiles. “Worth spending my Valentine’s Day at the track and appreciate Cody letting me drive his kart, I had a blast”, Dylan stated.

(Photos & Press Release Credit – Kim Scheffler)