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June 4, 2012Posted by rboost in News

Mom of teen auto racer points to safety precautions
June 4, 2012Posted by rboost in News

Florida United Pro-Truck Series - After 4 Races

All Compressor & Equipment Inc. Series Points

1. Tim Sozio 94
2. Gerald Campbell 88
3. Nick Hernandez 79
4. Joseph Mursuli 61*
5. Jessica Murphy 59
Michael Lira 59*
6. Jim Cowhey Jr. 58
7. Mica Williams 57*
8. Jessica Green 55
Dennis Colletti 55
9. Danny Anderson 54
10. Dylan Martin 45*
11. Joey Logan 43
12. Josh Borem 41*
13. Sam Scott 38
14. Brad Bowman 31*
15. Randy Leonard 28*
16. Donnie Burkhalter 23*
17. Jeff Dulaney 16
18. Cody Martell 7* ("*" Denotes Rookie)

RIP Tyler Morr you will be missed!

Rip Tyler Morr. He was critically injured in a wreck at Auburndale speedway last week. He has been in critical condition all week. But he passed today 5/23/12. He passed at only 12 years old! Our heart and Prayers go out to the Morr family. Cant even imagine what there going through!

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You can now follow Dylan an the whole Dylan Martin Racing crew on Facebook, at Dylan Martin Racing,LLC. We will keep you updated on the race and what goes on during the week!

First race of the 2012 season

The first race of the 2012 season was on, February 25,2012. We had just recently put the truck back together. After finishing the truck at about 1am the night before the race we were almost 100% ready. we got to the track un-packed and setup the truck, Dylan went out for his first practice session, did about a half of a lap and pulled in, do to some fueling issues. After getting that all sorted out we went out for the 2nd session, Dylan pulled out on the track once again. Getting on the throttle once more, but once again pulling off the track do to a vibration is the steering. Once that was all settles and fixed, we went turn the motor over for the third practice session and heard a loud thump! Turned out the head gasket blew and dumped about 5 gallons of water on the pavement. So that ended are day very early. We were all very upset to have that happen. Thanks Mica Williams for put almost 500 hours into the truck working weekdays and weekends to get it back up and running, sorry you wouldn't see it run. Also a big thanks to BTX Technologies,inc, an Blackwater integration for your hard work!

welcome "BTX Technologies,inc."

We are extremely proud to welcome "BTX Technologies,inc." as a new sponsor to Dylan Martin Racing,LLC. it is greatly appreciated to have you guys on bored with us, it helps greatly. We are still looking for a few more sponsors.

Dylan Martin Racing,LLC

We are now proud to announce Dylan Martin Racing is now "Dylan Martin Racing,LLC. We have wanted to do this for a very long time now but we never really needed to, but now scene we are bringing in more money we needed to do it. Thanks for all of you guys support!

Getting there!

The crew had been working hard to get the truck ready for the track again. We got the frame back from the powder coater about a week ago. We have the rear end in, the fuel cell, the brake lines, and etc. We are still waiting on the engine and trailer, which should be here Friday hopefully. Thanks everyone for you support and help. Time for a new session!

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We Wish Everyone Happy Holidays

Hope everyone has a great holidays and new years!!